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Great Britons of Stage and Screen: Volume II: Directors in Conversation

The world of film and theatre has always been fascinating. Getting to see directors in action, how they prepare, and what they deliver is interesting. In Great Britons of Stage and Screen: Volume II: Directors in Conversation Barbara Roisman Cooper gives the reader a glimpse into the film world through the eyes of celebrated British directors. Barbara writes of the conversations she had with the directors, getting them to talk about both their professional life and personal life. The interviews and discussions are intriguing as the reader gets to learn about things that some directors have never revealed to anyone.

Some of the directors the author interviewed include Ken Annakin, Michael Attenborough, Michael Blakemore, Howard Davies, Sir Richard Eyre, Deborah Warner and many more. From all the interviews in the book, one thing remains constant, the directors put in work to be where they were. The successful careers they had were thanks to the talents they nurtured, discipline, and passion for film. I enjoyed it when the author talked of the challenges the renowned directors faced, as it got the reader to understand that they were still human beings, despite the directors having made it big. The author also talked of the impact they had in their communities and it was encouraging.

Great Britons of Stage and Screen: Volume II: Directors in Conversation is an illuminating book detailing Barbara’s riveting conversations with eminent and remarkable people in British film and theater. This is a fascinating book that will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in history, theater, interest in the arts, or readers looking for something of a mini-biography on some venerable artists. There are several lessons to be learned from those interviewed. One also gets to appreciate film as it has become one of the biggest industries not only in Britain but the whole world.

Pages: 316 | ISBN: 1629334030

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