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The Spirit of Giving

Medea Kalantar Author Interview

Medea Kalantar Author Interview

Honeycake: Special Magical Powers shows readers that we all have the power to improve others lives through charity. How did this idea for the book start and develop as you were writing?

Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to discuss my book.

I always loved the saying “One persons trash is another persons treasure”

Just because you may not have a use for something doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. I wanted to teach children the valuable lesson in the spirt of giving, which provides an opportune time for parents to teach their children about charity. I also wanted to showcase that giving to charity to be more than a one-time occurrence and to teach children to make giving back a habit. By helping children appreciate that reaching out to others in need is a way of life, you are giving your children important messages about compassion and kindness towards others who are less fortunate or are going through a difficult time in their lives.

This book discusses the importance of giving to others. What is the easiest way people can give to others?

There are so many ways to give back to others that won’t cost you a thing.

1. Donate clothes.

Periodically go through your closets rooting out clothes you haven’t worn in a while, which can be given to the Salvation Army or Goodwill for distribution to the needy. Encourage your children to do the same. Allow them to select which clothes or toys they wish to donate.

2. Help neighbours and the elderly.

Do things for the elderly that they have trouble doing for themselves. Pick up sticks in your neighbour’s yard after a big windstorm. Mow the grass for Grandma. Wash Grandpa’s car. Clean their windows in the spring. Help them plant flowers. Rake the leaves of an elderly couple.

3. Give blood.

Take your children with you so they see you as a model for giving. Talk to them about why you choose to donate blood and what you hope it will accomplish by doing so.

I enjoyed the simple lesson that kindness and family can bring one great joy. What do you hope readers take away from this story?

My hope is that readers understand that the spirit of giving to others is magical, and it should be a way of life, because kindness is a gift, we can all afford to give.

What do you have in the works next for the Honeycake series?

Coming spring of 2020 Book 4 – “Honeycake – A Circle of Trust”

This book is about teaching your kids about honesty and open communication.

It’s so important that we create a circle of trust with our children so they are not afraid to come to us when something goes wrong, and to let them know that trust takes a lot of work to build but can easily be destroyed when they are dishonest.

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Honeycake: Special Magical Powers by [Kalantar, Medea]In the third instalment in the charming Honeycake Book Series, Nala brings her outgrown toys and clothes to Rainbow Hall, and spends the day with her Grandma and Uncle JD discovering a special magical power we all have, called ✨KINDNESS✨

“Kindness is a “Special Magical Power” we all have inside of us. When we show kindness, it’s like spreading sunshine everywhere we go — no matter what the weather is like outside.
Could you imagine how much nicer the world would be if everyone smiled at each other or did a random act of kindness every day? We are kind when we use our manners by saying please and thank you, or by opening a door, or by giving our seat on a bus or train to a stranger in need.

Kindness is a gift we can all afford to give. Though it doesn’t cost a thing, your kindness can mean everything to another person.”

Use your “Special Magical Powers” and spread kindness everywhere you go!

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Honeycake: Special Magical Powers

Honeycake: Special Magical Powers is a wonderful children’s book by Medea Kalantar. This book follows the journey of Nala and how she learns about the magical powers she and everyone else has. She learns a valuable lesson from her family about kindness and how much it can mean to another person. I absolutely love this book. It is adorable and teaches children such an imperative lesson. It also presents the idea of kindness in such an understandable way, even for young children. Nala learns about small things, like smiles, but then the story moves on to a much more serious topic. She is donating her old clothes and toys to a shelter for families; she learns about families who have lost everything. Her kindness of donating her old stuff that she has outgrown shows just how important it is because donating her old things cost her nothing, but it meant everything to those families to have clothing and toys. I love how this book can spark important conversations with children about how some people are less fortunate, and how sometimes you need help and it is okay to ask for it.

There are amazing and cute illustrations along with the book which is also good for children’s development. I think reading this book around Christmas time would be especially important to get children to understand why they may not get as much as another, but also maybe spark the idea of donating their items they have outgrown. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has children or works with children. Kalantar provides such a beautiful lesson and presents it charmingly.

Pages: 37 | ASIN: B081PSY4PT

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