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That Moment of Awesome Wonder

Ian MacKenzie Author Interview

A Wee History of Mine is a heart-warming memoir of your life and you reflections on events and ideas. Why was this an important book for you to write?

A Wee History of Mine was an important book for me to write as a record of the trinity of my particular journey through life … my young life, my working life, and my settled views resulting from a personal search for an understanding of life….. borne out of that recurring memory as a young child …. that moment of awesome wonder that, I suppose, ultimately compelled me to write the book before I die.

In this book you also reflect on your childhood. What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you were younger?

Reflecting on my childhood there is no one piece of advice that I would have wished for but rather countless pieces of advice which only become apparent on reflection due to the human frailty of fear of what may happen in the future and regrets for things done / not done in the past.

I appreciated the honest with which you told your story. What do you hope readers take away from your memoir?

I would hope readers of my book reflect on the trinity of everything and find joy, grace and peace in the journey of life!

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If you love a good yarn, this book is for you.
This heart-warming, funny, jam-packed memoir of a life well-lived will entertain you from start to finish.
The author’s motivation to leave a wee record of his existence stems from a recurring memory of a winter’s night sledging with family and friends. Wrapped up in mother’s knitted woollens, filled to the brim with excitement, this young boy looked up into a myriad of stars and the softened light of a full moon. His feeling of awesome wonder and connection needs no explanation… a child of the universe with untangled quantum!
He uses this same awesome wonder (and incredible storytelling skills) to reflect on his early childhood and adolescence, life at university and later at sea, his time working in Brazil, becoming a father and finding out he had a half-brother. Plus so much more.
Beautifully written and filled with honesty, this compelling memoir captures his innermost thoughts through several milestones of his life. He talks of his health struggles, panic attacks and feelings of isolation at certain times. And he offers plenty of fascinating stories that will have you laughing, reflecting and shedding a tear or two in equal measure.
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