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Change Is Always Difficult

Jeanne Corvese Hussin
Jeanne Corvese Hussin Author Interview

I See Old People shares your inspirational true story and the adversities you’ve faced in life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

After going through the process of losing my mother and having some challenges with her hospital care, I wanted to write a story about how to care with compassion and grace. It became a crusade for kindness, not just for senior citizens, but for everyone – especially those who felt unseen.

I appreciated how candid you were in your book. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

It was hard to revisit the end of my mother’s life as well as my divorce. They were painful times with a lot of grief and guilt. Yet, these difficult times would lead me to find the greatest love of my life; something I wouldn’t imagine. Writing about it and sharing it with the world, made everything worth it.

What advice would you give to someone that was struggling to make a positive change in life?

Change is always difficult. The hardest part is getting started. I recommend starting with small changes. Before long, small changes pay big dividends and you begin to give yourself credit for showing up in the first place.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Love is always possible when you open your heart and give back.

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Legally Separated and Unemployed with a Year to Kill – What Will Jeanne Do?

A unique and timely set of circumstances create the perfect storm for a woman on the cusp of multiple changes. Her somewhat flippant decision to volunteer sets the stage for profound relationships you won’t soon forget.

When the housing bubble burst in 2008, Jeanne Corvese Hussin found herself at a fork in the road. She could either continue her job as a senior vice president for a mortgage banker at a significant pay cut or take the year-long severance and travel with her son, Jason. She chose the latter.

Now what?

After Jason would go to bed, the nights stretched out before Jeanne like a long black highway cutting through the desert. She spent the hours flirting with men online but was often disappointed by the real person behind the dating profile.

Suddenly, she had an epiphany. Or maybe it was a message from God. She should find a way to give back. Drawn to senior citizens, Jeanne found herself at a local assisted living facility volunteering her time to memory care residents in a ward ironically named Recollections.

From her inspired impulse to serve emerge the colorful characters who comprise I See Old People©. You will never be the same. 
In these pages, Jeanne tells the story of her family, her interactions with the seniors at Recollections, and finally, her storybook “never too late” romance in this extraordinary memoir.
I See Old People is much more than a book; it’s an experience. 

I See Old People

I See Old People: A True Story About How Small Acts of Kindness Lead Us to Extraordinary Love and Connections that Defy Our Wildest Dreams by [Jeanne Corvese Hussin]

I See Old People is a captivating memoir that tells the life story of Jeanne Corvese Hussin. Jeanne has led a life filled with happy moments, low times, challenges and more. Reading about her life, one can tell that Jeanne is a modest person. I enjoyed reading stories of her family; her mother, son, grandmother and everyone else in her family that she treasured. You can see the pure love in Jeanne. When the author loves, she loves with all her heart and I admire how committed she was to the people in her circle. I See Old People is a story of passion, breaking barriers, commitment and building self.

Every chapter in the book talks about a period in Jeanne’s life and the impact the periods had. The first chapter is about her grandmother. Jeanne talks fondly of her grandmother. Her words paint a vivid picture of the person she’s describing, allowing the reader get the impression of knowing them. I liked how the author details her connection to her grandmother. Reading about Jeanne’s grandmother’s colon cancer and her last days was agonizing. No one wants to see their loved one in pain. Jeanne talked of how she, her mother and aunts cared for her grandmother when she was ailing. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Despite the solemn tone in this part of the book, I could see the love beneath all the pain. She loved her grandmother and her grandma loved her back. There was no greater bond than the one they created; and it was beautiful.

Jeanne Corvese Hussin’s sense of humor is displayed throughout the book. The author is witty and that is one of the elements that makes her writing engaging. Jeanne knows how to tell a story in a comical way and get the reader’s attention with little effort. Apart from her professional life, the author also shares stories from her personal life and dating. Her stories about the men in her life was interesting and relatable, but her humor really shined in these areas to make the stories absolutely fascinating.

Chapter 7 of the book touched on an important topic that is personal to me. Jeanne talks of how she lost her job in 2008, her continuous application of jobs after, dealing with loss and grief, and how she tried to balance her life. This chapter was insightful and had many life lessons that will help every reader.

I See Old People is an easy book to read. Jeanne Corvese Hussin is a wonderful storyteller. This stirring memoir will motivate you to be a kind person, better human, and help you embrace all the good things and challenges in life.

Pages: 192 | ASIN: B096T4VZRY


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