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Lester Zester is Lost!

Lester Zester is enjoying his day when he’s snatched up by the new house puppy and taken unceremoniously to a different part of the house. Now Lester is lost and needs to find his way home. Luckily, Zester meets a variety of helpful friends that help him find his way home. Along the way he learns a thing or two about new beginnings and happy accidents.

Author Mark Dantzler has created a charming and amusing children’s book that teaches kids important life lessons in a fun and easy to understand way. This entertaining story is perfect for parents to read to their young children, or for new readers to read on their own. With cute pictures, and a hidden mystery, children will be engaged with this lively and delightful story.

This book has the same charm and magic that the Toy Story movies have. Inanimate objects come to life and their sweet little faces come to life, making it easy for kids to identify emotions. This is the second book in Mark Dantzler’s series and I enjoyed how we get to explore more of the house and meet so many new and interesting characters. The world the author is creating here feels a lot bigger now and I can’t wait to explore it further in future stories.

Lester Zester is Lost! is a lively children’s story with a charming protagonist that teaches children about friendship and self-confidence as he tries to make his way home. Readers will learn that accidents can happen for a good reason, and this accident gives young readers an entertaining story to read.

Pages: 62 | ISBN: 1645383903

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