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Penny by Margaret Chu is a story of a zombie-infected world where no one believes the reality until they see it. Kathy and her husband move out to the country in order to give their children a better life. What ends up happing, though is far from their idealistic plans. Kathy is about to leave her home, happy for a new beginning, when she witnesses an unnatural phenomenon around her. While she wants to reach out to her family immediately, she cannot abandon the people in need. Her intervention leads to several survivors helping each other through an apocalyptic zombie-infested world. In an unexpected twist, one survivor, Penny, becomes the key to their survival, and the group must protect her at all costs.

The author presents the story in a clear, exciting sequence of events, focusing on a chronological style and moving forward quickly. Chu’s writing has a stream of conscious feel, allowing the reader to quickly become invested in the storyline. It’s an intriguing story with a few fascinating twists on the traditional zombie theme that will keep you reading and eager to learn more about the character’s plight and the potential for a dire future. I found the story easy to read, and there are a lot of possibilities to develop this story further, as a series or in a follow-up book.

Penny is a captivating sci-fi thriller about survival during a zombie apocalypse. With a hint of mystery weaved in, readers will be engaged in reading about who survives and how they manage. I’m eager to read more from this author, whether it’s a continuation of this story or another story with a similar dystopian theme. Penny by Margaret Chu is a remarkably entertaining tale and a great choice for science fiction and dystopian fantasy fans.

Pages: 336 | ASIN : 1955531862

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