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Fangs of Deception

Fangs of Deception by TK Orbelyan follows Carl and his cousin Terry. The family gathers one evening to meet Mia, Carl’s new girlfriend. Carl reveals shocking information he has acquired about the pandemic being meticulously planned and unleashed on the world. The evidence being that big pharma companies began preparations for the vaccine a year before the ‘plandemic’ broke out. Carl intends to not only publish this damning evidence but to follow it up and ensure that it’s not forgotten. When Carl disappears, Terry attempts to track him down, becoming deeply aware of how far a global ‘cabal’ controls governments, finance, and big industries and how thinly veiled the dystopian world is in which countries exist.

The characters are well-developed, each with their own unique voice and motivations. Terry is a particular standout, with his unwavering determination to expose the corruption that plagues the world. The plot is masterfully crafted, with twists and turns that kept me guessing until the end. The revelation that the pandemic was meticulously planned and unleashed on the world by big pharma companies was both shocking and thought-provoking. Orbelyan shows just how insidious the power of big corporations is and how easily the world could tip over into an Orwellian dystopia being controlled by the powerful few. The overall writing is strong, with well-crafted descriptive passages that create a vivid picture of the world the characters inhabit. I did find some sections of the book to be wholly explanatory, and I would have preferred to see these ideas shown rather than told. However, these moments did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the story.

Overall, I highly recommend Fangs of Deception to any reader who enjoys dystopian fiction or stories that tackle political and social issues. With its well-developed characters, tightly-knit narrative, and thought-provoking themes, this novella is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers.

Pages: 135 | ASIN : B0BST6482W

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The Globalists

In an alternative timeline, Earth experienced World War 3 breaking out in the year 2005, leaving behind a small percentage of the population in smaller settlements around the world, struggling to survive. The divide between rich and poor has grown to the point that humans not of the upper class are considered disposable, and the world is focused on catering to those with money and power.

Lionel Eddy’s The Globalists is a hard science fiction novel that explores a world where a totalitarian government called Globalists has come to power. After the war, they took control of New London and implanted Microchips disguised as new, helpful technology in the remaining population. As a result, a group of young people, known as Team ZAP, rose up against them, risking everything to restore freedom to the people.

Eddy’s writing creates a vividly drawn world that grips readers from the start. The characters, especially Silver, are dynamic and relatable, making readers feel invested in their journey. The author masterfully blends heart-pounding action with powerful themes of rebellion, sacrifice, and hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. This thrilling and action-packed novel explores how far people are willing to go to restore freedom to the masses. Eddy’s storytelling makes readers feel like they are part of this rebellious group, fighting alongside the Team ZAP members as they face danger at every turn and try to restore the balance of the population that has been dominated by the super-rich side.

Overall, The Globalists is a captivating read that dystopian fiction fans will find engaging. Anyone who loves a good underdog story will enjoy following Silver on her journey as she battles for those who are tossed aside by those in control. Lionel Eddy’s work is a testament to the power of hope, friendship, and the will to fight against oppression.

Pages: 117 | ASIN : B0BSZHQCYQ

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Research-based Imagination

T.N. Baldwin Author Interview

Disciples follows four friends on a journey who are all looking for something different while trying to stop a war. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Essentially it was set up by the previous two novels, the concept for which originally came to me in a dream. However, it was certainly inspired by the different areas of life we can allow to limit us. Logan struggles with discerning who he can trust and how you decide, Carla chooses to pursue something she knows is wrong to get her greatest desire, Blessing allows herself to step out of mediocrity and to pursue something where she can be great and Junior, so long reliant on his strength and aura, has to overcome a horrendous injury. I think all of the stories pursue themes and values core to humanity.

Are there any emotions or memories from your own life that you put into your character’s life?

I certainly tap into some of my own flaws and inconsistencies and consider how they might be exacerbated in such extreme circumstances as those my characters face. However, I try to communicate the sense of experience rather than drawing on my own. Very few scenes depicted in my novels (bar two notable exceptions in one chapter) have any basis in fact. Most of what I write is research-based imagination.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

Ooh, two scenes stand out. I loved writing the scene where the wise-cracking ice dragon Floyd (which stand for Flying Lizard Of Your Doom) embellishes some of his past adventures. The scene in the hospital where Junior is trying to lead sick and injured children to safety while soldiers are hunting for them was a harrowing experience to write about but I’m really proud of how it came out. I like to think showcased the many personalities and behaviours we see in children and people in general.

Can you tell us where the book goes and where we’ll see the characters in the next book?

The book leaves us with each character facing a very different reality. Junior is about to be offered a job that satisfies the ego he tries to hide. Carla finally gets what she most wants but at a huge cost. After great success, Blessing is forced to humble herself to ensure she remains on an upward trajectory. And Logan… well, he’s in big trouble. Sorry about the cliffhanger ending!

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Enter a dystopian future where terrifying creatures of the imagination have driven humanity underground.
The trouble with choosing a side is knowing whether you’ve picked the right one.
The dynamics of The War are changing. Allegiances are shifting. And sometimes, victories behind the scenes matter more than the ones everyone can see.
As the lines between right and wrong, human and Abomination blur, Junior, Blessing, Carla and Logan will each face a choice. It’s time for them to decide where they really stand. After so many betrayals, it’s impossible to know who to trust. And yet, the choices they are compelled to make today will alter the future of the Earth.
But what are they prepared to sacrifice to shape their better world?


Tionsphere by J.C. Gemmell is set in a future where people live in spheres, resources are scarce, and death is not what we know it to be. People in this world live in concentric spheres that encircle the globe and are rapidly reaching capacity, causing the universal processing service to fail and endangering the lives of those who reside in them. These spheres, ironically, were built by two global corporations that joined to solve Earth’s overpopulation problem. While Caitlyn and her small team of contract theorists try to figure out why their society is collapsing, Pazel is hell-bent on destroying all within Tion’s spheres and saving only the elites. Who wins in this futuristic, multifaceted race for the fate of the globe?

This is an intellectually-invigorating book that would appeal to sci-fi fans who are ready to be immersed in a complex world with an equally deep plot. Consciousness can be separated from one’s body in Gemmell’s thought-provoking story, and viewing the stars and celestial objects is a thing of the past.

Tionsphere has an intriguing cast of characters whose personalities are a product of the mysterious world in which they find themselves, such as Jovana, who assumes leadership in the group and enjoys salvaging because it allows her access to Tion’s history. While this is a visionary science fiction novel, I found I needed frequent breaks from the book to absorb all the information and the different perspectives of the characters. The story switches between situations swiftly, so if you like fast-moving stories over character-heavy development, then this novel is for you. For example, instead of devoting time to considering a task and the impact it might have on their lives, the girls simply discuss it briefly and go on to start it.

As his novel is based on plausible issues and solutions that may arise as a result of overpopulation and globalization, J.C. Gemmell has proven to be a writer with vision and a creative imagination. Tionsphere explores concepts that challenge our perceptions of reality and the limitations of our understanding of life. This riveting dystopian novel will undoubtedly captivate your attention and transport you to its picturesque world.

Pages: 415 | ASIN: B0893KJ74K

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Pray to the Dead

Pray To The Dead, the second book in Alyce Elmore’s Angels Have Tread Trilogy, follows the lives of several individuals and the new world they encounter 20 years after the desolation exterminated all males over the age of 20. Catherine is pleased to be the rising star of the New ​Order Party and looks forward to a new society with no use for males. Sofia, a council moderator in the Warragul colony, believes the government, or someone in the government, is responsible for the murders of the boys she is investigating. Finally, Patricia, a political journalist, discovers that the government is concealing some research from the public and is perplexed about what it all means. Is there a diabolical scheme being carried out by the government against males?

The gripping book features an impressive and well-developed world. The glossary of terms at the beginning of the book contains several words that reflect the changes in the new world. For example, the latter years of a young man’s life are referred to as cusp, and male sex workers are referred to as studs. Furthermore, viewing the physical features via the perspective characters’ thoughts makes envisioning the scenes a delight. The book contains profound insights, such as when Patricia characterizes an interior design as nice enough but lacking in personality. Another excellent quality of the novel is how unpredictable it is; the twists and turns have you eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

Pray To The Dead is a thought-provoking and riveting novel that will have sci-fi and fantasy readers unable to put the book down. I applaud author Alyce Elmore for writing such a brilliant story that inspired me to envisage a world where males play minimal societal roles through a riveting chain of events. Readers who appreciate dystopian and political novels with multiple intricate turns will enjoy this book.

Pages: 354 | ASIN : B0BSGQYQ4J

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Penny by Margaret Chu is a story of a zombie-infected world where no one believes the reality until they see it. Kathy and her husband move out to the country in order to give their children a better life. What ends up happing, though is far from their idealistic plans. Kathy is about to leave her home, happy for a new beginning, when she witnesses an unnatural phenomenon around her. While she wants to reach out to her family immediately, she cannot abandon the people in need. Her intervention leads to several survivors helping each other through an apocalyptic zombie-infested world. In an unexpected twist, one survivor, Penny, becomes the key to their survival, and the group must protect her at all costs.

The author presents the story in a clear, exciting sequence of events, focusing on a chronological style and moving forward quickly. Chu’s writing has a stream of conscious feel, allowing the reader to quickly become invested in the storyline. It’s an intriguing story with a few fascinating twists on the traditional zombie theme that will keep you reading and eager to learn more about the character’s plight and the potential for a dire future. I found the story easy to read, and there are a lot of possibilities to develop this story further, as a series or in a follow-up book.

Penny is a captivating sci-fi thriller about survival during a zombie apocalypse. With a hint of mystery weaved in, readers will be engaged in reading about who survives and how they manage. I’m eager to read more from this author, whether it’s a continuation of this story or another story with a similar dystopian theme. Penny by Margaret Chu is a remarkably entertaining tale and a great choice for science fiction and dystopian fantasy fans.

Pages: 336 | ASIN : 1955531862

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J.O. Quantaman’s Woke: Cool Assassins 1 is a compelling book that offers a thrilling dystopian tale set in the pacific rim in the year 2070. This engaging story follows the journey of Nyssa Persson and Jen Marov as they join a group called DB that provides them with a chance at freedom from the tyrannical corporations that rule the world. Despite their many risks, Nyssa and Jen find solace in their new life with DB, an informal security outfit that trains acolytes for the Olympics. Unfortunately, despite their exemplary martial arts training, DB is still outnumbered by thousands of corporations, so what gives them an edge? Their prized possession, Empathy.

J.O. Quantaman has created a well-crafted story in a discursive style that captivates the reader from the beginning to the end. The martial arts elements in the story are fascinating to read about, and the conflict between the DB and the corporations provides an exciting plot that keeps the reader engaged. In addition, Quantaman’s character development is remarkable; he creates strong personalities who rise above their pasts. Jen and Nyssa’s supportive relationship is particularly noteworthy, as are the other side characters.

Quantaman has established a compelling plot and complemented it with his inviting writing style. Every page of the book radiates with the tenacity and strength that the author infuses into the story. Additionally, he handles subjects such as bullying, PTSD, and violence with utmost care and respect. Finally, the story presents strong female characters who are driven by the motivation to overcome challenges, making it enthralling to watch them reach their full potential.

Woke: Cool Assassins 1 is an action-packed book with a much bigger message. It is a riveting read that I would rate 5 stars for its fascinating storyline and unique blend of action and themes.

Pages: 489 | ASIN : B0BMW7DQC8

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What Makes A “Good” Society

Judy Liu Author Interview

The Vending Portal has an intriguing setup to a novel that is high in social commentary. What was your moral goal when writing this novel, and do you feel you’ve achieved it?

I didn’t have a particular moral goal when formulating this novel, but you’re right in that there is social commentary weaved throughout. My goal was more to highlight certain aspects of our society and societies around our world and bring questions on what makes a “good” society to the forefront. I understand these are difficult questions and complicated topics (all of which I don’t have answers to!), so I wrote these into the novel in hopes of providing a light avenue for young adults to critically think and ponder while also being carried on an adventure with our young protagonists. 

I find the world you created in this novel brimming with possibilities. Where did the inspiration for the setting come from, and how did it change as you were writing?

It always excites me when readers like yourself tell me your thoughts about the world within The Vending Portal and the potential. I pulled my world-building inspiration from a variety of places: a recurring childhood dream, animations from studios like Studio Ghibli, my experience living in Japan years ago, anime series (some of which are quite ridiculous!), and my dabbling interest in aquariums. Overall, I was also inspired by other young adult adventures, like those of the Harry Potter series and the Narnia series. I created a few main tenants of how this world worked, and from there, things changed in terms of how certain instances react to each other and adding color and depth. I’m excited to continue building it out and discovering it myself as I write.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some themes that were important for me within the book were not only the obvious one on a utopian/dystopian society and leadership, but also that of a hyphenated identity. Our main protagonists are Asian-Western; their home setting is quite inspired by Asia (particularly, the town I lived near in Japan years ago), and yet our characters are clearly some sort of Western, speaking English with very plain, western names. As an Asian-American myself, I wanted to craft a story that wasn’t just a nod to my roots and Asian, but more particularly, a nod to my experience (and many others within the diaspora across the world) as an Asian-American. The hyphenated identity is a unique space, shared by many around the world, and I want to help us feel more seen. 

To highlight that, I specifically wanted to explore the food and dinner scenes within the book. I’ve found that in my family’s household and in many other immigrant family households, food holds a significance, culturally and socially. It’s our connection to a culture as well as a way many families express affection and care. Hence, I wanted to have food scenes describing the food and with family, despite it potentially slowing the plot or seeming more slice-of-life. These were crucial to the theme. 

Is this the first book in the series? If so, when is the next book coming out, and what can your fans expect in the next story?

The Vending Portal is indeed the first book in a series! I’m planning for a trilogy, but already thinking about a companion novel as a prequel. Due to life getting busy and some personal challenges, the second book won’t be out in 2023, but I’m hoping for a late 2024 release at earliest! In the meantime, I have a few world expansion projects to write – in my preorder campaign to help me fund the book’s publication, I offered a world expansion package where I create a character with the person who orders it – and build a quick write up of this character interacting within the world of The Vending Portal. I’m pretty excited about these, and they’ll potentially be posted on my website should anyone want to learn more about the world outside the novel!

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Memory fades, but Reminserum is forever.

It’s just a normal day for Mel and Sage. They’re walking home from school, when they come upon a battered vending machine of mysterious snacks. While examining it, the sisters are whisked away to another dimension by the seemingly innocuous machine. They encounter advanced memory-enhancing technologies, a strange new government, and an ominous secret behind it all. Follow Mel and Sage as they discover friendships, unravel an unknown family history, and brave a multitude of hazards to save a society in a world that was never theirs.

Judy Liu’s debut novel is a passion project motivated by a desire to explore the concept of a “perfect” society. In it, she explores both the fantasies and the frightening possibilities that can exist in a world of any design. The Vending Portal is a lightly distorted, funhouse mirror to reflect the pitfalls of our own society, seen through the innocent eyes of two young protagonists.
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