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November 4th: Introduction

November 4th :introduction : By Otatade Okojie by [Otatade Okojie]

November the 4th: Introduction is a compelling first-person story. The story follows the narrator’s stream of consciousness through the events of her life, including her familial ties. The story quickly turns into a thriller, with suspicions of murder and a missing person. The narrator navigates a scary internal dialogue holding suspense.

I found this story to be attention-catching. At first, it was a little weird, and I was not sure which direction it was going or even what the book was going to be about. But it quickly became engaging and suspenseful. I would suggest that the book has some edits. There are times when the story has quotation marks where they do not belong. Additionally, it leaves out contractions or uses the incorrect word form, such as your versus you’re. Overall, I highly recommend this short book. It is a thriller that slowly built up via an unsuspecting turn of events. The author handles the suspense well, making me want more.

Pages: 28 | ASIN: B08BJX54HH

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