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Promised Land

Taking place during the rise of Harlem before its renaissance, our author Danny Holst takes us on a journey through the lives of characters Robert and Clifford trying to find their footing in the music world. With the addition of songs and politics, we get to see the story of Harlem come to life. You will feel pain, sorrow, and triumph while reading this all-too-real tale. Never underestimate the power of fiction and how it can shed light on real-life issues from the past.

Holst knows how to add a unique flair to his writing abilities and I was in awe of the added music cues that really made this pre-Harlem Renaissance tale come to life. He chooses songs that add historical and topic relevancy to scenes, and he does it flawlessly. Often times when authors tie in unique additions to their story they have a tendency to place them awkwardly and without rhyme or reason. I particularly liked the introduction to Belinda’s new music teacher and the song Holst chose to add along with describing its historical relevancy. It showed why it would mean something to the characters in the book. You never had to sit and wonder why a song was chosen or how it could tie into the lives of our characters. It was straightforward to digest. Holst truly knows how to engage the senses of his reader audibly and visually. His descriptions of the area and scenes made everything vivid and realistic. I could see the actions jumping off the page.

Although this story may be fiction, it sheds light on real-life issues. It’s a great introduction to important topics in history. I highly recommend anyone who wants to dive into the history of how the Harlem Renaissance began to add this to their reading list as a supplementary fun text. You’ll get insights into small tidbits of general African American history as well as a bit of a music history education.

Promised Land by Danny Holst is a masterpiece with its musical-like additives and tantalizing writing style, everyone is sure to get something enjoyable from reading this work of historical fiction. I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat until our star-studded author gives us another gem to devour.

Pages: 232 | ASIN : B09VPNWGZY

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