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Maestro Orpheus and The World Clock

Ten-year-old Fred is visiting his grandfather, who loves to repair old clocks. But Fred would rather be anywhere else in the world, as the constant ticking of his grandfather’s many clocks prevents him from sleeping! But as the clocks strike midnight, a strange adventure begins for Fred, as he encounters the elderly Maestro Orpheus, Winder of the World Clock. Entering a vast otherworldly dimension, Fred discovers the importance of time as he explores the stories of those who came before. Together with Maestro Orpheus and the singing Lyre, Fred must face his fears as they work together to protect time for everyone.

The audiobook Maestro Orpheus and the World Clock is created by Robert Pennee and Joanne Grodzinski. This gentle adventure story strikes the perfect balance of whimsy and reality. The audiobook version enhances the story and is simply splendid, with beautifully performed classical music, engaging sound effects, and wonderful voice acting, adding even more magic to this fantastic tale.

I love good stories about time travel, and I love music, so this adventure was a perfect one-stop-shop of wonder. The storytelling is well-paced, and although a few slightly serious themes are encountered, they are handled expertly, making them appropriate for children. I also loved that the importance of music was a keystone of the book, with stories of famous composers woven throughout the narrative. In addition, the kind yet mysterious Maestro Orpheus, the inquisitive Fred, and the magical Lyre all add their own special element to the story. I simply can’t speak highly enough of this magical tale.

At just over an hour long, Maestro Orpheus and the World Clock is suitable for all ages and a perfect fit for storytime together on a chilly winter’s eve. This is an incredible story with excellent narration, acting, and lovely musical accompaniment. This whimsical tale of music, magic and the importance of time is a classic sure to find a permanent place in your heart.

Listening Length 1 hour and 4 Min | ASIN : B09XWVW9XM

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