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Maestro Orpheus and The World Clock

Ten-year-old Fred is visiting his grandfather, who loves to repair old clocks. But Fred would rather be anywhere else in the world, as the constant ticking of his grandfather’s many clocks prevents him from sleeping! But as the clocks strike midnight, a strange adventure begins for Fred, as he encounters the elderly Maestro Orpheus, Winder of the World Clock. Entering a vast otherworldly dimension, Fred discovers the importance of time as he explores the stories of those who came before. Together with Maestro Orpheus and the singing Lyre, Fred must face his fears as they work together to protect time for everyone.

The audiobook Maestro Orpheus and the World Clock is created by Robert Pennee and Joanne Grodzinski. This gentle adventure story strikes the perfect balance of whimsy and reality. The audiobook version enhances the story and is simply splendid, with beautifully performed classical music, engaging sound effects, and wonderful voice acting, adding even more magic to this fantastic tale.

I love good stories about time travel, and I love music, so this adventure was a perfect one-stop-shop of wonder. The storytelling is well-paced, and although a few slightly serious themes are encountered, they are handled expertly, making them appropriate for children. I also loved that the importance of music was a keystone of the book, with stories of famous composers woven throughout the narrative. In addition, the kind yet mysterious Maestro Orpheus, the inquisitive Fred, and the magical Lyre all add their own special element to the story. I simply can’t speak highly enough of this magical tale.

At just over an hour long, Maestro Orpheus and the World Clock is suitable for all ages and a perfect fit for storytime together on a chilly winter’s eve. This is an incredible story with excellent narration, acting, and lovely musical accompaniment. This whimsical tale of music, magic and the importance of time is a classic sure to find a permanent place in your heart.

Listening Length 1 hour and 4 Min | ASIN : B09XWVW9XM

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There’s a Monster on my Bed 

Harvey is a master at hiding. There’s no place in his room he doesn’t like to hide. Only one thing slows Harvey down, the Monster who comes into his room every night. When the Monster falls asleep, Harvey decides tonight will be different. Tonight, he will be brave and allow the monster to see him. Is the Monster as scary as Harvey imagines, or is it no big deal? There is only one way to find out.

There’s a Monster on My Bed, written by Margit E. Macchia and illustrated by Olga Scherbakova is a new take on an age-old story. Macchia has produced a precious monster tale that turns the tables on the traditional versions. I love the fact that the story required me to back up, reread, and think more deeply about events. This is a fantastic way to inspire outside-the-box thinking in young readers–a much-needed skill in elementary classrooms and a great technique for parents to practice at home.

This picture book does a wonderful job of teaching children how to face their fears, especially when someone looks different from they do. This is a great way to show kids that you can make friends with people that look different and have different backgrounds or cultures. It is a heartwarming story of acceptance and friendship.

There’s a Monster on My Bed, written by Margit E. Macchia and illustrated by Olga Scherbakova, is a well-crafted children’s bedtime storybook that will entertain and educate children. I can see Macchia’s fun spin on the monster-under-the-bed becoming a favorite in classrooms. Scherbakova’s vibrant illustrations bring the tale to life. I recommend Macchia’s book to parents and teachers alike.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B0BD54WYH4

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M.J. And The Big Kitchen Window

M.J. is a friendly and curious dog. She loves to look out the big kitchen window in her home and see everything that is going on. She will often bark to get her mom’s attention and show her what is happening outside. Today she sees a rabbit, a squirrel, and a bird all out front. M.J. wants to go out and say hello to these new animals. After barking some more, her mom takes her out on a walk where she can see them all up closer. After their walk, M.J. returns to her place in front of the window to await more new friends to look at and meet.

M.J. And The Big Kitchen Window, written by Vera Harris and illustrated by Tania Ramirez Cuevas, is an enjoyable picturebook that any dog owner can relate to. This is a wonderful children’s book to read to babies and toddlers. It encourages pointing out and identifying different animals and repeats the animals to help reinforce the words and picture connections.

One of my favorite parts of this entertaining book is the illustrations. The expressions on M.J. and her mom are realistic, and I can actually visualize the conversations happening in my own home. While written for children, I could definitely relate to this entire book unfolding in my own home. For this reason, I think parents will enjoy having this book and it becoming a favorite read for bedtime or story time.

M.J. And The Big Kitchen Window is a delightful picture book that families will be able to enjoy together. It would be an excellent addition to a classroom library as well.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B08JD3H24W

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