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Gaia’s Web

Gaia’s Web by Stephen Proskauer is a fascinating read. This well-developed story is told from multiple points of view throughout. Readers are first introduced to Daryl Mcintyre, a brilliant scientist with a plan that just might change the world- if he, his wife, and his team can overcome their personal drama. We also meet Alan, a stockbroker who, as of late, finds himself unfulfilled; Arthur, a young boy involved in a sect of religious separatists; and Frelko, the adviser to a brutal dictator halfway across the world. Their stories, among others, are expertly woven together in a novel that is truly global in scale.

This book has a little bit of something for everyone- from romance to political intrigue, to hard science, and even elements of the spiritual. One central theme of global climate change is handled with a degree of optimism not often seen in fiction. The prose is rich with imagery, allowing readers to visualize scenes in intricate detail. The cast of characters is both diverse and vivid- almost seeming to leap off the page at certain points. The science also clearly had a lot of thought put behind it. I appreciated a few callbacks and references to other science fiction works- the author is obviously well-versed in the genre.

I admit I found the pacing a bit off-putting in this one. It’s nothing major and didn’t impact my investment in the story, but I did notice certain scenes seemed to drag on a bit by the end. I also felt that some of the plotlines seemed a little thin, but they all did tie together quite nicely in the end.

I’d highly recommend Gaia’s Web to sci-fi fans who may be looking for a more metaphysical twist on the genre. The hard science fiction is not overwhelming, and the romance fits into the story without taking over. This fantastic novel will appeal to readers across multiple genres and have them hooked on the series.

Pages: 316 | ASIN : B00ASO5LV6

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