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Strange Bedfellows Vol. C: More Fun with Etymology

Do you love words? I mean really love them? Is etymology your cup of proverbial tea? Strange Bedfellows Vol. C: More Fun with Etymology will bring you the sheer joy you never knew you were missing. The brain child of Anil and illustrator, Kalpart, Strange Bedfellows contains a delightful compilation of super short stories alongside a humorous collection of word play. Page after page, Anil and Kalpart surprise readers with their unique brand of word play. Definitely designed for lovers of all things written, Strange Bedfellows is almost a genre all its own.

I have to admit that Anil and Kalapart give reading a whole new meaning. Nowhere else will you find an author putting the reader to work while simultaneously providing so much entertainment and satisfaction. From the outset, Strange Bedfellows is a workout for the brain as much as it is a lighthearted look into the mind of a true logophile.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, especially where words are concerned, I thoroughly enjoyed Anil and Kalpart’s work. I can honestly say I have never come across anything like Strange Bedfellows. While it’s a quick read, it’s a demandfing one. Readers who want a subtle storyline fraught with word play and a delightful curiosity on every page will revel in this work of scholarly art.

I highly recommend Anil and Kalpart’s compilation of what seems, at first, like the ramblings of a genius. Word nerds will appreciate each and every glorious word of Anil’s brand of literary whimsy. Strange Bedfellows Vol. C: More Fun with Etymology is a must read for any true bookworm.

Pages: 70 | ASIN: B085LFBGMS

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