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I Simply Had To Go All Out

Jason Hubbard Author Interview

Jason Hubbard Author Interview

The Binding of the Three Roses finds Sean and Callie forced to test their grit, once again, to put a stop to evil ambitions. What did you want to do differently in the final installment in the series?

Clearly, I wanted to have more action! As a rule, I tend to pull back on action scenes because I don’t want my stories to seem like Hollywood movies where there are tons of fighting and all the good guys make it out relatively unscathed. But since I wanted this series to end on a rather biblical note, I needed to go all out and lift some of the barriers on magic I instilled. I generally can’t make a magic system too powerful or else I’ll open myself to plot holes that savvy readers can spot, but in some exceptions, like this ending, I simply had to go all out.

I also wanted to put my two main characters through the ringer. I can foresee some readers thinking that Sean and Callie aren’t really good for each other, so I wanted to change their minds by putting the characters through some turbulence yet come out okay in the end.

Was there anything that surprised you or that you didn’t plan on happening with your characters?

There were few surprises for me, even though I did have to make some changes. But yes, I was surprised at the confrontation between Callie and her ex-boyfriend. At first, I wanted the former flame to lash out at her out of wounded pride, but instead I reimagined the scene to enhance the shock factor. What better way to give readers a good idea of what they’re in for?

Do you feel like you’ve accomplished everything you wanted to in The Three Roses trilogy?

Absolutely. I’ve had some reviewers express confusion over the messaging of the story, claiming that some of the rough content conflicted with the inserted Christian ideology. But the thing is, bad things happen in this world of ours even though there are religious faiths that preach the virtues of love and forgiveness. Of course, you could argue that these virtues exist BECAUSE bad things happen, and I wanted to reflect that in this story. I also wanted to demonstrate that while the decision to follow a religious faith can be noble, it can be fraught will pitfalls. People will not only challenge you but also take advantage of you for self-gain.

What are your future writing goals? Do you plan to start a new series?

No plans on writing anything. For now, I’ll try to look for ways to effectively promote my books, and I’ll see how it goes from there.

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The Binding of the Three Roses (The Three Roses Trilogy Book 3) by [Jason Hubbard]

The search for the elusive Three Roses is at an end. After enduing calamity and heartbreak over the past year, Sean and Callie have decided to settle down. Together, they seek a simple life in a lord’s service and find solace in each other’s company. For a time, it seems they have nothing more to worry about.

However, last autumn Sean had unknowingly disrupted the plans of powerful men. Solomon Fontana, leader of a secretive order of magi, needs Sean’s help to reverse what was done so he can achieve a lifelong dream. But after Sean proves unable to meet Solomon’s demands, both he and Callie will have to go through torture and torment to put a stop to evil ambitions.

Join our heroes in this final installment of the epic Three Roses saga–where there will be hell to pay. Note: This book contains mature and graphic content.

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The Binding of the Three Roses

The Binding of the Three Roses (The Three Roses Trilogy Book 3) by [Jason Hubbard]

The Binding of the Three Roses brings the Three Roses trilogy it a stunning conclusion. In this epic we find Solomon, the leader of a secret magi order,  plotting his way into binding the Three Roses – three men gifted with the power of holy magic. To carry out his schemes he enlists the help of Sean. However, Sean does not possess the powers that Solomon is looking for- at least not anymore. Can Sean and Callie survive the various trials betrayals set before them?

One thing that stands out to me with this book his how well defined the characters are at this point. You get a sense of settling in at first, but the characters continue to be dynamic and surprising. Solomon’s characteristic slimy sweetness gave me goosebumps from the moment he was introduced; which was a horrifying scene in which he pushes Rudy, a young man into committing a strange, terrifying ritual in the name of “exaltation” and “faith.”

If you have not read the previous two books in the series you don’t have to worry, this book is easy to pick up, but I suggest starting from the beginning because the character and story arcs are more satisfying. Right from the outset, it was clear that this is a particularly detailed and well-researched book. The epigraph had some interesting quotes by George Washington and James Madison foreshadowing the nature of events to take place in the story.

Having seen more documentaries and accounts of the people that have survived and been traumatized in cults and religious fanaticism pop up in recent times, this book really captures the spirit of paranoia while maintaining the immersion of fiction. The author has also included, strangely enough, two prologues. While I couldn’t figure out the literary intent behind that decision, I was grateful for it.

The legend and battles over the Three Roses was described in great detail. Although that was a lot of information all at once, it was helpful later on. It provided an intriguing backstory that serves as the stage for some compelling characters and an engaging plot to unfold. The dialogue of the characters felt a little anachronistic, especially the jokes and quips, but felt spot on for the fantasy genre that this book embraces.

I really enjoyed The Binding of the Three Roses and can’t believe the series is over. It’s a hefty novel but thrilling and refreshing- the perfect choice for anyone with a the desire to escape into an epic fantasy novel.

ASIN: B0851PVT64

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