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The Buzz Boys

The Buzz Boys by [Edward Izzi]

The Buzz Boys is the tragic and haunting tale of the lives and losses of the self-proclaimed Buzz Boys. Told predominantly from the perspective of Robby Mazzara, the reader witnesses the horrifying events that occur and the dire choices the characters make. The story gets progressively more haunting and tragic as the boys grow up and are unable to reconcile their past abuse and disappointment. The reader’s heart will surely ache for the boys and their loved ones who all struggle as a result of both the boys’ past and their inability to come to terms with it.

The Buzz Boys is written with such care and dedication that readers will feel as though they are watching a movie with incredible detail and precision. The writing is detailed and tasteful despite the horrific and brutal events and subjects discussed. Small details and peeks into the thoughts of the characters will help readers understand the seeming explosion of events that culminates in a series of deaths and suicides. The author also captures the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood very well. The children and their idiosyncrasies and immature beliefs are well-done and draw the reader into their little world which erodes as they grow up. The voice and tone of the story suits the material well and there are many quick twists and turns that take the reader by surprise. In the voice and tone of the novel, the author also manages to make each Buzz Boy distinct and lovable which makes their downfall all the more distressing.

The Buzz Boys had me hooked from the first page and I felt all of the characters’ pain and despaired with them. It is a tale that reflects a lot of the more upsetting aspects of life and brings awareness to childhood trauma and the far-reaching effects on victims and their families. This book will take readers on an emotional journey both beautiful and full of joy and sorrow. I highly recommend it.

Pages: 339 | ASIN: B091383PC2

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