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The Life We Dream Of 

The Life We Dream Of by Jennifer Leigh Pezzano is a story of love, tragedy, and healing. For decades, Julia Marino had most parts of her life boxed and safely locked away. Her life was the epitome of solitude; no friends, family, and no love entanglements. Work was all that mattered, anything else was a distraction. So when the doctor diagnosed her with cancer, life became automatically meaningless to Julia.

When Julia comes to grips with all of her life’s worth of work and accomplishments being reduced to nothing, she realizes that her life was over long before the diagnosis. When Quinn unexpectedly enters her life, crashing down her barriers and crumbling life, Julia finds herself wanting to break the promise that she once made to her younger, hurt self. Will she have the chance and the will to finally heal, love, and find herself again?

Once Julia accepts that she has limited time to live, she decides to find solace in a support group, following the advice of her doctor. She quickly realizes the reality of her situation, where she can choose to quit and continue to lose hope of ever having a chance at happiness or love or finding another way. Amid her despair, Quinn arrives, a daring new chance at love and an opportunity to face and conquer fears that haunt her from the past.

The Life We Dream Of by Jennifer Leigh Pezzano is a tragic, heartfelt, soul-wrenching read. The author pulls at our heartstrings with raw emotions so that the reader can experience the rawness of loneliness, sadness, regrets, and love. This story of heartache is a worthwhile read and for fans of the tragic romance genre. I rate The Life We Dream Of by Jennifer Leigh Pezzano 4 out of 5 stars for its well-developed story and emotionally-charged characters that are easily relatable and complex. It’s the perfect book for mature readers and a fantastic read.

Pages 283 | ASIN: B0B2D17K2M

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