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New York Times and CBA bestselling author Tosca Lee has spent the last three weeks offering entertainment, comfort, and encouragement to the public during a nightly “Story Time with Tosca” at 9 Eastern on Facebook live. It started March 20 with a promise to read until shelter-in-place guidelines are no longer necessary… which means she currently has no idea when she’ll stop.

Lee has been reading from her 2014 ECPA Fiction Book of the Year winner, Iscariot—her bestselling novel about the life of the infamous disciple and ministry of Jesus Christ. The perennial Easter season favorite is read annually by some of her fans and was chosen in a vote the day before “Story Time with Tosca” began on March 20. Story Time happens on Tosca’s Facebook author page at and everyone is welcome to check out past installments of Story Time live recordings plus take part in the live episodes.

Lee, the first runner-up to Mrs. United States 1998, jokes that she hasn’t worn makeup this many days in a row since her tenure as Mrs. Nebraska. She says the time has been heart-warming, with readers calling the time their favorite part of the day and a much-needed escape from the news and rigors of quarantine. “It’s been an unexpected blessing for my family in return,” Lee says. “A much-needed marker in days that otherwise feel as though they’re running together.” From days that, by her own admission, are a little extra surreal given how closely the news has mirrored her 2019 bestselling thriller, The Line Between.


An outbreak in Washington… a run on essential supplies… schools closed… quarantined towns… borders shut down.

The Line Between: A Novel by [Tosca Lee]

The spate of recent headlines is also the plotline of Lee’s medical thriller, The Line Between, which released January, 2019 from Howard Books/Simon & Schuster—a year before COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. The book’s sequel, A Single Light (September, 2019, Howard Books/Simon & Schuster) comes to paperback August 17.

Watching the news one year after the release of The Line Between—a Goodreads Choice Awards semifinalist for best mystery/thriller of 2019—Lee calls life “eerie and surreal.”

“Every now and then my husband and I just look at one another as we listen to the news—including the day the Canadian border shut down,” Lee says, of yet one more event she wrote about two years ago before the books went into print. “It’s a little eerie,” she admits.

Another one of the reasons Lee, herself, finds solace in Story Time with her readers.

The Line Between has been optioned by Radar Pictures (Jumanji) and Ed Burns’ Marlboro Road Gang Productions (Public Morals) and is in development for television as first reported by Deadline Hollywood:

“[An] edge of your seat, heart-palpitating tale.”

Top Shelf Magazine, for A Single Light

Tosca Lee

Lee is the award-winning, New York Times, and CBA bestselling author of 11 novels including The Progeny, Firstborn, Iscariot, The Legend of Sheba, and The Books of Mortals series with New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker. Her books have been translated into 17 languages and been optioned for TV and film.

Tosca received her B.A. in English from Smith College. A lifelong world adventure traveler, she lives in Nebraska with her husband and three of four children still at home. To learn more about Tosca, please visit

The Line Between

The Line Between: A Novel by [Lee, Tosca]

Wynter Roth has lived in an apocalyptic religious cult since she was 7. At age 22, Wynter manages to escape from the cult only to realize that the thing that she was afraid of all her life, the end of the world, is actually happening. A fatal disease, which makes people go crazy is spreading all over the world. Wynter embarks on a mission to save the world and help her niece escape from the cult.

The Line Between by Tosca Lee is a captivating apocalyptic thriller that held my attention from page one. The chapters alternate between the past and the present adding an extra layer of tension in a novel where the suspense is already high. There are plenty of questions that need answers and I was pleasantly surprised that answers came at a steady and pleasing rate that always satisfied me as the next question intrigued me.

The novel follows the life of Wynter Roth, a young 22 years old woman who just left a doomsday cult. Her character is relatable and I found myself empathizing with her as we learn how she fell prey to an evil preacher. As I learned more about her life through the many flashbacks I realized how much she changes. From an innocent and broken girl she turns into a brave and purposeful woman who is not afraid of anything. I liked that the change could be seen and could also be believed. The character building in this book is something I really enjoyed.

The cult leader Magnus Theisen is the protagonist of the story. He manipulates his followers and destroys other people’s lives, all to reach his own goal. He is a cruel man who even wants to use the disease for his benefit. His character is provocative but I felt he was not explored enough. I thought he was compelling and I wanted to learn more about him, maybe by telling a bit of the story from his perspective.

While the main characters are all alluring and thoughtfully developed, I thought that there were too many minor characters in the novel. Sometimes I found it difficult to follow who was who.

The Line Between is an engrossing story filled with action, religion, romance, and survival all at once. If you like layered apocalyptic stories, then this is for you.

Pages: 384 | ASIN:  B07GNTVY6L

Buy Now From B&

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