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The Prisoner’s Cross

The Prisoner’s Cross is a riveting Christian fiction novel that explores spirituality in our every day lives. Author Peter B. Unger provides readers with a thought-provoking book that questions faith only to forge a path towards a renewed inspiration in that same faith.

Afflicted with rage due to the death of the only members of his family he ever loved and the deeply traumatic events that occurred in his childhood, the reasons of which may be incomprehensible to a mere mortal, our protagonist, Don Campbell, manifests his despair in destructive ways. The Prisoner’s Cross chronicles Don’s journey towards a renewed faith and trust in the invariable love and goodwill of Christ.

Author Peter B. Unger, a UCC pastor who holds a graduate degree in psychology of religion, has written a compelling tale that examines the universal question regarding the inexplicable sufferings of mankind and the corruption of one’s faith in God. I think Don represents the people of faith who seem stuck in a perpetual state of being confused and overexcited by differences in values and beliefs that exist within different sects of religion, to the point that they analyze faith to such an extent that they sacrifice its essence.

The book is able to break down and portray complex ideas into easy to understand situations that will appeal to younger audiences. The reader anticipates Jop’s experiences as a POW in World War 2 as much as Don does. In addition, Don’s reflections during his interview with Jop enrich the reader’s understanding of the subject. Don’s friendship with Tom and Cindy, Jop’s faith experience, and McCall’s assistance, all of which shapes Don’s spiritual life, provided me with a glimpse of different types of love God has for all of us.

The Prisoner’s Cross is a spiritually invigorating read that leaves the reader with a lot to ponder. Besides the traditional dogmatic faith, it exposes the faith dissipating under the weight of rational and scientific values. Professors’ unwillingness to entertain questions challenging their adamant views is also portrayed in Professor Wilson’s attitude. While the author unravels Don’s complex character, the book also shows how unhealthy relationship experiences manifest themselves later in life. I think this book is written for those who want to grow in their understanding of God’s grace and experience it in new and interesting ways.

Pages: 180 | ISBN: 1532696132

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