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The Vanishing Glaciers of Patagonia

In The Vanishing Glaciers of Patagonia, Martin Sessions takes us on an expedition where the reader gets to appreciate nature and learn about geography in the most intriguing way. The book is about Glacier San Quintin, the largest glacier of the north Patagonian icefield on the west coast of Chilean Patagonia. With maps and illustrations, Martin Sessions takes the reader on a tour of South America and other parts of the world. When writing about technical, geographical terms, Martin Sessions knew how to make the complex terms and phrases understood by the average reader. The amazing information in this educational book will make you appreciate what the universe offers, be conscious about issues like climate change and different topographies, and be aware of the environment you live in.

When discussing a particular adventure, the author makes the reader feel like they are part of the journey. Each tale the author shares is outstandingly written and makes one wish they are part of the adventure. I like that the author makes the stories attention-grabbing even when writing about tragedies. One can feel the somber mood and still be interested in whatever the author is writing about. The author’s intention in The Vanishing Glaciers of Patagonia is to virtually transport you to different parts of the world as he shares his and other explorers’ experiences while also giving lessons on climate change.

Reading about the explorers, their stories, and their adventures gives one a different perspective. There are also tons of lessons for the reader, one of the primary beings how to plan for a trip and deal with unexpected obstacles. I enjoyed the stories in every chapter and especially loved reading about the San Tadeo Glacier. The narration is flawless, and the explorations, though sometimes a tad risky, were something any daring soul would want to try. I also learned that you cannot fight with nature, and despite man thinking that he is always in control, nature can humble you. I could picture the locations and scenes even when there were no photos.

The Vanishing Glaciers of Patagonia is an excellent read for those that enjoy books about nature and explorations. The wording, phrases used by the author, and overall mood in the book are inspiring. In addition, the stories shared, the tips found between the pages, and the excellent narration make me rate the book 5 out of 5 stars.

Pages: 288 | ISBN : 1922792314

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