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Deborah Dolan Hunt Author Interview

Deborah Dolan Hunt Author Interview

I enjoyed the simple but in depth explanation of the other dimensions. Why was this an idea you wanted to help kids learn about?

I have always been intrigued by the dimensions and time travel and the possibility of the existence of a mirror-world. There are so many unknowns in this area and I think the concepts in this book will be quite interesting to kids and they may want to learn more about this topic.

The kids in the book show an interest in science, which is something rarely expressed in other books. What were some themes that you felt were important to highlight in this story?

Some of the themes in addition to science and technology I felt were important to highlight in this story were acceptance, friendship, problem-solving, and to open one’s mind to possibilities.

What is the next project you are working on and when will it be published?

I have several exciting projects. I have a new middle-grade book entitled “Hannah and the Hobgoblins” that will be released this July 2020 and a picture book biography about Dale Earnhardt that will be published in 2021. I recently signed a contract with Isabella Media for a picture book entitled “Booch the Pooch” but do not know the publication date. I am also working on several other projects which include two picture books and an early reader series.

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The Keating kids are shocked and intrigued when a tiny visitor suddenly appears during a lightning storm. Once they realize the visitor is friendly and needs their help to return to his dimension they do everything in their power to help him. As time is running out they enlist the help of others, but someone is working against them and not with them. Will they be able to help their traveler return to his own dimension or will he be stuck in this dimension forever. You can find out when you read The Visitor from 4-D.

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The Visitor From 4-D

An interesting kids chapter book is what readers will find when they pick up The Visitor from 4-D by Deborah Dolan Hunt. We come across the three Keating siblings who are visited by a tiny humanoid during a lightning storm. Not only does their visitor tell them about a parallel world in the 4th dimension, he even looks like one of the Keating siblings himself! So begins an adventure to help the inter-dimensional visitor return to his home.

The book is broken down into chapters that are easily digestible for young readers. The kids portrayed in the story are fairly realistic in their reactions and temperaments. There are some parts where the kids don’t exactly talk like stereotypical kids of their ages, but the core message of the story shines through.

Learning about differences, helping others in their time of need regardless of their origins and teamwork are all important messages to be sending to kids in the targeted age-range of this book. Doing so in a story format helps kids learn lessons without realizing they are.

The Visitor from 4-D is a fun story about inter-dimensional travel and siblings working together for the greater good. The Visitor from 4-D by Deborah Dolan Hunt is an entertaining book with an amusing plot and lively characters.

Pages: 32 | ISBN: 1644677849

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