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Time Travelers of the Caribbean

Time Travelers of the Caribbean is a fun time travel adventure story that combines sci-fi elements with historical fantasy. The book centers around two orphans, 12-year-old Johnny and 9-year-old Ella, living under the oppressive roof of Regina. The kids team up with Regina’s introverted brother Shawn, who happens to have built a time machine with a mind of its own. This tenacious team travels three centuries back to 1699, a period known as the golden age of piracy. Here, they encounter the most vicious of the pirates, Caine Karver. Armed with Ella’s bravery, Johnny’s wisdom, and Shawn’s handy inventions, the trio strive to navigate the ruthless world of pirates, making unlikely allies along the way.

Alan Frost certainly knows how to keep kids entertained. This lively fantasy novel is kid-appropriate and suitable for middle-grade children. However, parents and guardians should be mindful of mild explicit words that are not unexpected in a world of pirates. Beyond this, the book is quite enlightening. Kids and adults have so much to learn from the fascinating facts about ships, pirates’ attitudes, and rules. Alan Frost also shatters the myths surrounding pirates and their qualities.

I was surprised by how quickly this story flew by. I was swept away by the inherent adventure found within the story. The author keeps a consistently high level of intrigue throughout the story that will keep young readers coming back. There are also many lessons and historical facts to be learned throughout the story, which serves to educate as well as entertain readers.

Time Travelers of the Caribbean is a spirited adventure story that follows a spunky trio who are fun to follow. I look forward to more historical adventures the mysterious time machine has for the trio in the next edition of the Shawn From the Shed series.

Pages: 180 | ASIN: B09YSSS27Y

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