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Still Waters

Still Waters by Jenna Caldwell is a powerful, breathtaking retelling of the wrongful conviction and execution of George Stinney Jr. in 1944. Caldwell’s storytelling skills are unparalleled, transporting readers into a dream-like state as George struggles to piece together his past with his present, which has become foreign to him. With vivid imagery, Caldwell showcases George’s journey of self-discovery and inner turmoil as he grapples with the injustice and discrimination he faces.

His life feels distorted, as if his wife and children don’t seem real, including his job at a high school and promotion as the first black man to oversee the board of education’s art department. When George must face unexpected events, he is thrust into a dire situation, adding to the story’s emotional power and bringing to light vital themes of racism, classism, and a corrupt justice system.

The author provides an immersive experience, leaving readers holding their breath for what comes next. I especially found the transition from George’s story to the factual account of George Stinney Jr’s case exceptional and poignant.

Still Waters by Jenna Caldwell reminds us of the raw, unapologetic, and ongoing injustices marginalized communities face. I recommend this fantastic book as it is an important reminder of how history should be remembered and its impact on many people today.

ASIN B0BCH9RZ5S | Pages: 185

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