Revenge I Will Have

Revenge I Will Have is a physiological thriller that is an entertaining and stimulating novel with intense drama, violence and action. The characters are vibrant, energetic and are the source of some surprising turn of events.

Jessica is a well developed character that I absolutely hated to love. I could never tell what she was doing until the last minute. She was an ambitious go-getter who always had a witty remark ready. She, however, had some ugly traits that made me loathe her in the best possible way. Jessica’s jealousy and mean spirited nature made her seem evil. She was the perfect antagonist.

Jake Logan was an ex-Navy SEAL turned Wall Street banker. He had previously been romantically involved with Jessica but the relationship had not worked. To say she didn’t take it well would be an understatement. Jessica ends up killing Jake’s lover. This tears Jake apart but he’s eventually called back to his former work station. The Navy SEAL has a new mission, to capture the terrorist enabler, Asyd Omar Batdadi. Through a serendipitous turn of events, the man Jake and team are hunting down has relations with Jessica. Jessica had been approached with a message for Asyd Omar Batdadi. A deranged ex, a Navy Seal, terrorists! This is a perfect setup to a thrilling novel that used outlandish turn of events to propel detailed characters into some nail biting situations.

Jessica’s was to deliver Wall Street to Batdadi and help him get other targets in the U.S. By doing this, she would achieve two things at once, satisfy Batdadi and get revenge on the journalists who ruined her life by giving her unkind reviews. This cat and mouse race with the SEAL’s, Batdadi and Jessica takes the reader to different locations around the world. Virtually traveling with the team was an exciting experience as the I had the impression of being in the action with the team. The author’s vivid description of Batdadi helped me paint a clear image of the man. I could visualize the face of the 6’3” fifty-year-old extreme Islamist who had undergone reconstructive surgery. Although he seemed typical of radical Islamist caricatures, I would have liked to have seen something different. Other characters like Natasha, Alex, Ambrose, and Clint Morris were perfectly portrayed and ingeniously developed.

Revenge and vengeance are major themes in the book and the crazy turn of events towards the end of the story leaves one questioning how far Jake will go for either. Marlene Morgan’s book is a fantastic read for drama, military action, and thriller enthusiasts.

Pages: 209 | ASIN: B07YGLJ1Q6

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