Those Who Watch From Afar

The journey that we take with Those Who Watch From Afar is both exciting and strenuous at the same time. Zack Hacker is an author who lets you experience what his characters are feeling in such a way that you almost feel as if you are right there with the character and that it is happening to you. When the story opens, we are drawn to an ethereal place of wonder as a teenager named Leah is brought to who appears to be a woman, but we find out that she is a race of beings known as the Mithryndor. She has brought Leah to her, and her magical friend known as Ridella, to tell her a remarkable story that might help her save planet Earth. The Earth is fragile and in danger, and Petra has vital information that could help Leah stop its destruction.

The world is full of magic, and different creatures inhabit the globe, but unfortunately, magic is not being used in the best way. It’s being hoarded and stolen, leaving people starving and destitute, and it appears that destiny has chosen Leah to be the one to attempt to save it. If she chooses the path. Through this story, we watch from Petra’s point of view as she tells Leah about her past, believing that it will help Leah decide for the future.

This was a fascinating book for me, and I had a mostly positive experience with it. The prose was elegant, but was flat in some places, almost as if the characters were younger than they were being portrayed. I did wonder why no one seemed to care what happened with certain characters and why others were so quick to forgive certain circumstances, but with a book with less than two hundred pages, I figured things might be a little bit rushed. The novel does a fantastic job of world-building, and you get a real sense of the different exotic places the characters travel to. And Tristram as a love interest was superbly executed. He was a capable and robust character, and I wish we had seen more of him in the book.

I also liked the book’s theme, which was not just about adventure, but equality, friendship, family, and true love. It warmed my heart how certain characters interacted with each other and how others turned out to be quite different than I initially thought. The sudden turn of character and the dynamic personalities they had were something that consistently drew me in. Those Who Watch From Afar while mostly adventurous and heartening it could still capture moments of the dark fantasy genre. This is an exceptional start to a series that promises to be intriguing and thrilling.

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