The Dark Age Chronicles: Eve of Destruction

The Dark Age Chronicles, written by T.L Bailey, begins a story placed in Rome 63 A.D., with the whole city on fire, surrounded by chaos and smoke. A beautiful city was now tarnished with violence and robbery. Hundreds of thousands of slaves were wrecking the city and fighting for their freedom. Meanwhile, amongst the screams and smoke in a tiny wooden house nearby, Albina was giving her husband, Pinerius his first son to join their family of three. Now Natta had a baby brother named Argustos to carry on her grandfather’s name. As fate would have it, Argustos was more of a miracle than the family could fathom at the time. The legacy would continue on despite the pandemonium surrounding them.

T.L Bailey thoughtfully pens The Dark Age Chronicles, which I found to be a chilling and dark read. The book takes place in multiple towns and places. The characters are on a ship, in Virginia, in the woods, and in a small village as well as a small log cabin. There are also other realms, so you have to pay attention to detail and picture each scene in your head as you read and get a feel for the scene. It begins in the past providing a back story and progresses into the tale of a group of friends on a mission to save the world, but it is so much more than that. You feel as if you are there with the characters and fighting these brutal battles with them. There are losses and wins and you feel empathy for the characters you’ve come to love as the story progresses. There are a lot of characters you come to know, which is confusing at first, but as you become immersed in the story, you begin to understand each character and their importance. You come to know about Eve, Black, Rowan, Roman, Argo, Matt, and Lyacon. At first the book seems confusing as it switches scenes and characters, however, the more you read this book, the more you become engrossed in the story and it all comes together nicely. It becomes darker and it gets difficult to put down. By the end of the book, you’re left hanging on the edge of your seat. I was disappointed when the ending left off on a cliffhanger, however, that only means the story line was addicting and well written. If you can’t handle gore, death, and violence then this book isn’t for you. It has love, death, adventure, friendship, and darkness all rolled into a well thought out book. It was long, however it seems necessary for all of the details needed to paint the picture in your head as you read. The characters are strong and detailed, each one having their own distinct personalities. At no point do you get bored because it jumps around from scene to scene and realm to realm. It really grabs your attention and is unpredictable. I would definitely buy this book and recommend it to my friends who love dark fiction stories.

Pages: 233 | ASIN: B07D568M9B

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