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The Dark Age Chronicles: Eve of Darkness

Eve of Darkness: The Dark Age Chronicles

Eve is a young woman caught between what she wants to do and what she must do. She has been marked, cursed if you will, and survived a childhood of abuse from her sadistic grandfather. A cruel taskmaster and slave owner, her grandfather, knows of her ability to see the future and perceive the true intentions of others. He has squelched her ability most of her life, and his fear of her has led him to regularly administer abuses to her that far outweigh what he shows his slaves. Now, also facing the idea of an unwanted arranged marriage, Eve receives a letter telling her that her help is needed–and her life has been a lie.

The Dark Age Chronicles: Eve of Darkness, by T.L. Bailey and performed by Wesley Bruff, has all the darkness professed in its title. The title character, Eve, lives a life so full of turmoil and fear it’s a true miracle she has the strength to face each day. Her grandfather’s evil nature is incredibly difficult to imagine, and it has created a magnificent strength in Eve that rivals that of any superhero. Her gift makes her a liability, but the more she is feared and the more she is pursued, the more invincible she becomes. Bailey’s choice to have Eve be a young nineteen-year-old girl is a fantastic one. These are formative years, and the horrors Eve is forced to endure would make anyone at this age crumble and give up on life.

The narration by Wesley Bruff is absolutely mesmerizing. Straight out of the gate, readers will appreciate the tone with which he delivers the story, the change of accent, and modulation. A dark and horrifying story calls for a performance that can communicate the atrocities effectively, and Bruff does that tenfold. His narration makes me forget who and where I am–honestly a stunning performance.

Readers who enjoy fantasy will find Eve’s plight enthralling. Her journey is one of resilience and determination, and her story is one readers won’t want to put down. I highly recommend Wesley Bruff’s narration, as well. It is not often you find an audio book so full of rich visuals. The Dark Age Chronicles: Eve of Darkness, the audiobook, is not to be missed.

Pages: 352 | ASIN: B07D58BB71

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The Dark Age Chronicles: Eve of Destruction

The Dark Age Chronicles, written by T.L Bailey, begins a story placed in Rome 63 A.D., with the whole city on fire, surrounded by chaos and smoke. A beautiful city was now tarnished with violence and robbery. Hundreds of thousands of slaves were wrecking the city and fighting for their freedom. Meanwhile, amongst the screams and smoke in a tiny wooden house nearby, Albina was giving her husband, Pinerius his first son to join their family of three. Now Natta had a baby brother named Argustos to carry on her grandfather’s name. As fate would have it, Argustos was more of a miracle than the family could fathom at the time. The legacy would continue on despite the pandemonium surrounding them.

T.L Bailey thoughtfully pens The Dark Age Chronicles, which I found to be a chilling and dark read. The book takes place in multiple towns and places. The characters are on a ship, in Virginia, in the woods, and in a small village as well as a small log cabin. There are also other realms, so you have to pay attention to detail and picture each scene in your head as you read and get a feel for the scene. It begins in the past providing a back story and progresses into the tale of a group of friends on a mission to save the world, but it is so much more than that. You feel as if you are there with the characters and fighting these brutal battles with them. There are losses and wins and you feel empathy for the characters you’ve come to love as the story progresses. There are a lot of characters you come to know, which is confusing at first, but as you become immersed in the story, you begin to understand each character and their importance. You come to know about Eve, Black, Rowan, Roman, Argo, Matt, and Lyacon. At first the book seems confusing as it switches scenes and characters, however, the more you read this book, the more you become engrossed in the story and it all comes together nicely. It becomes darker and it gets difficult to put down. By the end of the book, you’re left hanging on the edge of your seat. I was disappointed when the ending left off on a cliffhanger, however, that only means the story line was addicting and well written. If you can’t handle gore, death, and violence then this book isn’t for you. It has love, death, adventure, friendship, and darkness all rolled into a well thought out book. It was long, however it seems necessary for all of the details needed to paint the picture in your head as you read. The characters are strong and detailed, each one having their own distinct personalities. At no point do you get bored because it jumps around from scene to scene and realm to realm. It really grabs your attention and is unpredictable. I would definitely buy this book and recommend it to my friends who love dark fiction stories.

Pages: 233 | ASIN: B07D568M9B

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This Was My Mad Doctor

T.L. Bailey Author Interview

T.L. Bailey Author Interview

Eve of the Hunters finds Eve stranded on a jungle island fighting for her life while Nyx is releasing the Ancient Enemy. What were some themes you wanted to carry through from the other books in the series and what were some new ideas you wanted to introduce in this book?

I really wanted to show how far Nyx would go if he was unopposed, and that there were consequences to Eve and the others leaving to protect her. The whole idea for book two was that I had to bond these characters in a strong way, and fast. They all come from diverse backgrounds and had nothing in common with one another. I have learned from watching tragedy movies that a way to bond people is through surviving horrific ordeals together. It changes people. I wanted to see how my characters would act and how it would later change their views and their way of thinking.

I also was a big fan of the sci-fi movie, “The Island of Dr. Moreau” and I wanted to make a tribute to that movie. This was my mad doctor and his pets.

I enjoyed the prose and dialogue in this book. What is your writing process like in creating the interactions between characters?

I grew up watching “Abbot and Costello” movies and I have always loved the comedy/horror aspect. It was a touchy thing to do because everyone feels that horror has to be 100 percent serious and tense all the time. Yes. But we are human beings and unless this is planet Vulcan, we do have emotions. I think laughing or even making witty comebacks as you face down something atrocious, is simply masterful. I liked how I can do that through Rowan, he is my “Ichabod Crane” and I can use him to be witty and humorous. The interactions between Black slapping Roman when he says something stupid is my “Abbott and Costello” aspect. My whole love/hate between the good doctor and the pirate is my fondness of “Star Trek Bones and Spock” and their unspoken friendship.

What reader reactions have surprised you the most about your books?

This being a fantasy book I would have thought Argo or Lycaon being the top readers favorite character… but the pirate has won most readers hearts.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The third is The Dark Age Chronicles Eve of Destruction and will be available soon.

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Stranded on an elusive island in the middle of nowhere, Eve and the others try to survive the island’s thick jungle. As they explore their surroundings they find what looks like an Aztec pyramid built in the center of the island. They soon learn that the island’s inhabitants are far from what they think, and it sends them in their darkest fears as they race for their lives against creatures hell bent on consuming them alive, and a family of sadistic hunters out for fun. Together they must pit all their survival skills to outwit their newest prison: a Labyrinth full of deadly traps…….meanwhile, unopposed, Nyx unleashes mankind’s greatest foe….the Ancient Enemy.

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The Dark Age Chronicles: Eve of the Hunters

The Dark Age Chronicles: Eve of the Hunters by [Bailey, T. L.]

Eve has to get away from Nyx so that she can learn her powers, but it’s not a situation she would prefer but it has to be done. While she’s gone Nyx unleashes evil of all sorts. Thinking they have found a paradise, Eve and the others inadvertently get into bed with the enemy. They meet Lea and James whose depravity they could not begin to contemplate. They all have to fight a demon they do not understand. They must come together as a group if they are to survive. Without their collective wit and survival skills, they might never escape the labyrinth. How do they begin to understand their enemy? Will they live to tell the tale?

For a second installment in a series, this book does not disappoint. T.L. Bailey lives up to her reputation and produces a compelling tale of a team of survivors. A thrilling narration of people who are determined to fight to tooth and nail for the good of humanity. T.L. Bailey plunges the reader right into that abyss with the characters. The story is intricate and filled with well developed characters in a dark but richly developed setting. From the author’s masterful use and manipulation of language, the reader will find the chaos engaging but easy to follow. In simpler terms, be prepared to suffer right alongside Eve and the charming Black.

The dialogue is captivating in its simplicity. The relationships between characters are slow to start but profound once they have time to develop. There is something different in every relationship which is something that I looked forward to when the story circled back to them. The humor in the interactions, I thought, was sometimes out of place but usually fitting. It brought moments off levity that were well executed but broke the well established tension. To be scared of what could come next one moment but smile at something funny the next. That requires skill. I have mixed feeling about this to say the least.

Black is quite the fellow. He especially stands out when he speaks on the nature of human beings. He says that human beings are best when they are at their worst. It is easy to feel like he is the anchor of this whole story. Like he serves a larger role than anyone else. Eve seems inexperienced and almost naive. But, with Black around one feels certain that she could really use her learned power to serve and save others.

There are very minor, very rare instances of misspellings like ‘mist’ instead of ‘midst’. However, this book is far too entertaining and intriguing to penalize it for something ever so mundane. The sheer detail of narration and skillful writing makes it a gem.

Pages: 273 | ISBN: 1980478775

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