It No Longer Surprised Me

G. Head
D.C. Head Author Interview

The Little Handbook for Navigationally Challenged Cidiots shares common driving offenses with humorous terms and phrases describing bad driving habits. What inspired you to write this book?

My inspiration to write this book stemmed from my own personal experiences on the roadways and highways, having seen and experienced every single offense and type of driver that I mention in the book. When you’re in the center of it all, you get to see all kinds of crazy road blunders and highway flubs. So, why not write about it?

What is a common bad driving habit you run into on your commutes?

One of the most common are the cut-offs. There’s always that cidiot who thinks it’s smart to cut you off so they can make a turn or exit. They are known as the Bully-Turn Bandit and the Boomerang. I see this on a daily basis, until it no longer surprises me.

What is a piece of advice you would give to a new driver?

The best advice I can give any new driver is to brace themselves and beware. It’s important that they master having eyes not only for themselves on the road, but for the cidiots that they will encounter on a daily basis. If they understand and know what to look for, they may be better able to avoid having an accident. However, no driving scenario will ever prepare a person to be perfect and 100% accident-free on the road, but it could lessen the chances of a person either causing an accident or becoming a victim of an accident.

Do you plan to write other books with the same humorous perspective?

I am currently working on another humor book. So stay tuned.

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Filled with hundreds of common driving offenses, this gut-wrenching funny handbook features hilariously, jaw dropping terms and phrases describing some of the nastiest driving habits you or another cidiot have engaged in almost every day on the highways and byways. Inside, you’ll find “The Motor Mouth Motorist” who suffers from road rage, “The Para Lane Bluffer” who can’t decide if they want to merge with oncoming traffic until the last second, “The Eye Shadow Bandit” who thinks she’s skilled enough to drive at high speeds while applying makeup in the car mirror, and many more epic adventures of daily cidiot driving habits that are far too many to list here. Whether you’re the culprit or the victim of cidiot driving, The Little Handbook for Navigationally Challenged Cidiots will have you laughing, pouring tears, and showing off your enriched cidiot vocabulary.

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