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Derek R. King Author Interview
Derek R. King Author Interview

Natyre Boy is a vivid collection of thought-provoking poetry on nature. What inspires you to write a piece of poetry?

It’s usually something I’ve experienced, been part of or seen which provides that wee creative spark of inspiration. I guess to some extent I’m an observer of life in all its forms and I try to capture those fleeting and precious moments as best I can in poetry.

It’s really important to me to convey both the visual scene and the feelings experienced in those moments too, to make them as near as I can to a shared experience with the reader. I always hope I can paint pictures with words. That probably sounds pretty pretentious, but it’s really not meant be, more of a mission statement than anything else.

My favorite poem from the collection is ‘Autumn Seas’. Do you have a favorite poem in this collection?

I do, I have a couple. The poem/ rhyme which makes me smile the most is ‘Entomology – Lesson 1’. It was such fun to write, and captures a fair bit over its eight short lines.

The other favourite is ‘Revelry.’ It is both very recent, so recent in fact it was a stop the press moment, and it was an incredibly spontaneous response to a photograph a friend posted on social media. The photo appeared and around thirty seconds later the poem popped. I love it when that kind of thing happens, the real spontaneous stuff, you know?

What are some poetic devices that you like using?

That’s a really interesting question. I don’t consciously set out to use any of the poetic devices, they just kind of invite themselves in depending on a poem’s topic. Rhythm, rhyme, metaphors and a bit of alliteration, I do use others but those would be the main ones. The other thing I try to do, which comes from my musical background I guess, is I consider how a piece would be performed. For example, would a series of words on a single line of poetry be delivered in one continuous stream or would it be split with pauses between words to accentuate, or create dramatic effect. So I have that strand in the back of my mind, sometimes I ‘hear’ the poems more as a performed lyric if that makes sense.

Do you plan to write and publish more works of poetry?

Yes, thanks for asking. There’s a third volume in this collection, also being published by the lovely folks at 8N Publishing with a planned release in Fall 2022. It’s progressing well, I’m happy to say. Like ‘Noir [or When The Night Comes]’ and ‘Natyre Boy’, there is a core theme that runs throughout this third volume and once more the cover has been created by Jane Cornwell so the three volumes are a suite as it were.

I’m also working on a short novel, which was unexpected, so we shall see where that goes in due course.

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From icy winter’s
chilling winds to
the warmth of
summer’s mellow breeze
the natural world can
in time, heal all
it sees.
Majestic and inspiring
with colours that astound
take heed of these moments
and the beauty all around.

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