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Author Interview
Rayo Scala Author Interview

Rogue Moon Dreamer follows a renegade who’s navigating a carefully chosen life path because of what he knows about the future due to a lucid dreaming technique. This is a fictitious narrative based on true events. What events inspired this book?

This script was inspired in part from an experience that I had while I was on a climb and base jump in Montana. I met some old timer pot farmers from Humboldt County who were camping in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We sat around a smokey campfire and shared an engaging all night conversation after the jump.

Ryker is an intriguing character that I enjoyed watching develop throughout the book. What were some sources that informed his character development?

The character Ryker is a blend of three people that I know. One is a wingsuit pilot, one is a medical cannabis researcher and the other is an off the grid astronomer and an out of the box thinker.

This book was thoughtful and seemed high in social commentary. Was this intentional or incidental to telling the story you wanted to tell?

The weaving of social commentary for the purpose of engaging the thoughtful reader is intentional in all of my scripts.

What were some things you learned as a writer while writing this book?

What I learned from writing ROGUE MOON DREAMER, my second effort, was that I could write a better book. And I believe that I did with my third script, THE CLAVIGER. And the next script, FORCE QUIT will be even better.

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Ryker is a renegade of specific design, carefully navigating a chosen life path because of what he knows about the future. A future that he’s been able to see through a technique that he has developed using directed lucid dreaming. Rogue Moon Dreamer is a fictitious narrative based on true events about the adventures of one man as he maneuvers toward the ominous foretelling of what lays ahead.

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