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True Inspiration is a Mystery

Author Interview
Rayo Scala Author Interview

The Claviger follows a unique group of beings that hold the knowledge and evolutionary traits to save the earth. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

True inspiration is a mystery to me. Who really knows where it comes from? With this script I did try to make it seem as though the reader was watching a feature length film. Although, I don’t really know where that came from either…

I enjoyed the unique characters in your story. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The characters in this script just showed up as I was writing the book, more like the book was writing itself. They just morphed into the storyline as it evolved. I tried to make them believable as a way to draw in the reader.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The main theme in this novel is that all life is precious.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next script FORCE QUIT is being finalized. It’s a story of four Heyoka empath foster kids and their mysterious sigma male guardian. It’ll be published sometime in the fall of 2021 or sooner.

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The Clavigers are guardians, custodians, defenders and aware reincarnates. They are Endlings, the last of their kind who possess the distinct mosaic traits of a unique and ancient version of Homo sapiens. Since before the Pleistocene Extinctions, over one hundred and twenty centuries ago, they have been reincarnating and with every reincarnation they carry with them the retained empirical awareness from all of their previous lives and missions. The vast knowledge that they have acquired during that unique evolutionary journey has brought them to this point in time for the most important mission of them all.

An Out of the Box Thinker

Author Interview
Rayo Scala Author Interview

Rogue Moon Dreamer follows a renegade who’s navigating a carefully chosen life path because of what he knows about the future due to a lucid dreaming technique. This is a fictitious narrative based on true events. What events inspired this book?

This script was inspired in part from an experience that I had while I was on a climb and base jump in Montana. I met some old timer pot farmers from Humboldt County who were camping in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We sat around a smokey campfire and shared an engaging all night conversation after the jump.

Ryker is an intriguing character that I enjoyed watching develop throughout the book. What were some sources that informed his character development?

The character Ryker is a blend of three people that I know. One is a wingsuit pilot, one is a medical cannabis researcher and the other is an off the grid astronomer and an out of the box thinker.

This book was thoughtful and seemed high in social commentary. Was this intentional or incidental to telling the story you wanted to tell?

The weaving of social commentary for the purpose of engaging the thoughtful reader is intentional in all of my scripts.

What were some things you learned as a writer while writing this book?

What I learned from writing ROGUE MOON DREAMER, my second effort, was that I could write a better book. And I believe that I did with my third script, THE CLAVIGER. And the next script, FORCE QUIT will be even better.

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Ryker is a renegade of specific design, carefully navigating a chosen life path because of what he knows about the future. A future that he’s been able to see through a technique that he has developed using directed lucid dreaming. Rogue Moon Dreamer is a fictitious narrative based on true events about the adventures of one man as he maneuvers toward the ominous foretelling of what lays ahead.

To Their Inimitable Path

Author Interview
Rayo Scala Author Interview

What were challenges you set for yourself as a writer while writing A River to the Ocean?

This script was my first attempt at writing a novel so the challenges that I set were many. I would say that keeping the story flowing and interesting was the greatest challenge.

What were some ideas that were important for you to delve into in this novel?

The most important idea that I tried to get across in this script had to do with what people will go through for the sake of love, discovery and commitment to their inimitable path.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your story?

The one thing that I’d like to see readers take away from this script is a positive impact from contemplating the subject matter.

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When Jager receives a mysterious message from his maverick pilot brother who he hasn’t seen or heard from in over thirty years, he sets out on a journey to find him. His voyage takes him through the unimaginable to learn that his brother is on a most unusual odyssey. A River To The Ocean is a historical fiction weave through time following two brothers on separate but similar paths of discovery.

Rogue Moon Dreamer


Rogue Moon Dreamer by Rayo Scala is a thrilling drama set in the late sixties and upt to modern times, carefully showcasing the progression of the life of young Ryker. 1960, a young boy is terrorized by nightmares foreshadowing an inevitable gloom. Ryker is an enthusiastic and defiant young seditious boy intended to be a conscious reformist but is somehow crushed by the cruel world; he is too disappointed in humanity and humans and convinced of their doom. Living a lonely life, will he be able to find peace, or is something else waiting for him? Is this world going to change for the worse?

The book is a captivating tale of the strong connection between humans, nature, and animals. Ryker is not a typical hero but finds his way into your heart with his ruthlessness and resilience. Ryker’s character grows on you and his journey becomes your own. His character arch is well developed, he is a radical, uptight young man who secretly grows weed, in the beginning but he evolves throughout the book, in truly riveting fashion, and becomes a compelling character at the end of this thought-provoking novel.

The books narration is observant and provides thoughtful commentary on humanity and society and its impending doom that is too scary but realistic. The carelessness of humans and their lack of foresight always draw in trouble. The book is fiction and doesn’t answer questions directly but shakes your beliefs instead, and makes you question recent developments, which have sadly taken a destructive path. This astute assertion is harsh at times but correctly points to self-sabotage and instant gratification of people.

While I found the prose easy to understand and engaging, I felt that the story could get a little didactic at times, but no less intellectually invigorating. The colorful moralizing punctuating this stirring book is intriguing, but I would have liked to have been shown ideas through the narrative rather than directly told.

Rogue Moon Dreamer is an enjoyable and suspenseful and provocative read. The idea behind the book is endearing and contemporary, it’s what we all need to hear in today’s times.

Pages: 308 | ASIN: B07DZMS2ZY

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A River To The Ocean


A River to the Ocean by Rayo Scala explores the expansive boundaries of the mind and how we manifest our dreams. Following the story of Jager as he searches for his missing brother 30 years after he first disappeared, we see the bond between family, both found and blood. The reader traverses across America with Jager and glimpses heartwarming views of the people his brother impacted as he traveled around the world. The characters we meet hold Anti-establishment views and aim to reach a higher plane of spirituality, emphasizing love, tenderness, and ascension.

A River to the Ocean carries an overarching message of higher self throughout the story while critiquing humanity’s detrimental effect on the Earth. While sci-fi elements are a huge part of the story and create scenes that couldn’t actually occur, each fantastical piece somehow feels attainable. These metaphysical theories are backed by the efforts of genuine people who aim to bring peace to the world and nourish their lives.

I loved seeing the bonds created throughout this book. Each character is well fleshed out and made to feel dynamic and lively. I believed in their motivations and their connections to Jager as they helped him along his journey to find his brother. As he travels from California to Hawaii to Montana, the people his brother loved and care for extend that same hospitality and support to Jager, showing the importance of found family.

However, as family felt like such a huge and important piece of the story, I found myself curious about the blood family members beyond Jager and his brother. Jager has children that he doesn’t often mention, and throughout the book I wondered about the extent of their contact and involvement in his life. I was also curious about the parents of the two men—did they miss Jager’s brother, and search for him later in life? Despite these questions, the extended connections made with those outside of blood family provided a great support system.

A River to the Ocean is an eye-opening story that reminds us to be conscious of the effect we have on the Earth, and how unstable our future can be. This book warns against filling your life with fear and suggests that we use our love, care, and attention to manifest a greater world to come. With a mindset like this, we can keep our Earth healthy and thriving and build lasting connections with the people around us.

Pages: 281 | ASIN: B07DZN3MTJ

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The Claviger


The Claviger, by Rayo Scala, is a science fiction thriller based on the clavigers, an elite group of combatants who have been reincarnating over the last hundred centuries keeping intact all knowledge from past lives. They are on an important mission to protect mother earth from centuries of destruction posed by humanity. Considered aware reincarnates, the clavigers die and get reborn at around roughly the same time and by the time they are teenagers meet and greet each other reminiscing all previous knowledge. They are expert tacticians, master craftsmen, and linguists who have been interfering with events around the world over centuries to maintain natural balance and harmony on earth.

In present times, FBI agents Egan and Kun along with homeland security Talib and Alma are on a mission to crack down claviger operations. The clavigers possess powers to hack into systems, conduct sting operations, and kill their enemies to disrupt world trade and economies. These traits make them a formidable challenge for the mafias across many developed nations who send in teams to encounter them. However, our protagonists must find a way to discover the real motives behind claviger operations.

The Claviger is a thrilling story with a fantastically detailed backstory. The character developments in this story are methodical and well defined and every character has a unique arc that comes to fruition at the end. The author has bridged the gap between the past and the future using detailed narratives. Vivid imagery has been used to describe memories in flashbacks and there are many historical as well as mythological references. Advanced weaponry, conspiracy theories, and fast-paced action give readers a mix of James Bond and Stars Wars-like vibes.

The interaction among the characters is another unique feature of this plot. The clavigers tend to talk among themselves with a mix of old Shakespearean English while our protagonists speak modern English with cuss words. This helps readers easily understand the mood in the chapters. I enjoyed how secrets and mysteries were slowly revealed throughout the story, and this slow delivery keeps the suspense consistently high. The mix of science fiction and historical events create a conducive environment for a big revelation at the end.

The Claviger tells an imaginative and riveting story with a one-of-a-narrative. Readers who enjoy stories that combine history, action and subtle science fiction elements will find plenty to enjoy in Rayo Scala’s suspenseful-action adventure novel.

Pages: 259 | ASIN: B081F69PHR

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