Operation Caliph: Hunt for the Terrorists

Operation Caliph: Hunt for the Terrorists by [G.J. Rayner, E.M. Rayner]

Operation Caliph, Hunt for the Terrorists is a suspenseful action novel. Told from the points of view of both the hunters and the hunted it follows the journey of OMICRON as they try to capture the elusive terrorist Ibrahim Haddad. The novel is set in the modern day, in numerous countries across the globe. While many of the descriptions are of hotel rooms and offices, the engaging dialogue between characters is consistently propelling this action oriented book forward.

Two of the characters Ibrahim and Inga are well developed as the criminals, and the prey of the story. Terrorists Ibrahim Haddad and Inga Doudin are described in great depth and some of the more compelling antagonists I’ve read this year. Ibrahim travels around the world laundering his money by transferring his money from one fund to another. Inga, on the other hand remains behind in lavish hotels, shopping and taking diving lessons. I would have liked to have seen them challenge gender stereotypes in interesting ways, to make them more endearing, however they did add a high level of intrigue to the story. Like any good thriller, there are formidable heroes. These come in the form of Omicron members. The numerous characters can make it difficult to follow the story at times, but the Cast of Characters provided in the book is certainly helpful.

Operation Caliph, Hunt for the Terrorists is well structured and flows easily. The cast of characters at the beginning of the book is helpful to understand and keep track of the numerous characters in the novel. The glossary is equally helpful in defining terms that might be unknown to the reader. The prologue is also helpful to set the scene for the novel whilst the epilogue ties everything together. Operation Caliph, Hunt for the Terrorists has a story line that is built to bring action and suspense to every chapter. There is the obligatory good vs bad dynamic but the action is quick and punchy and the climax of the story is phenomenal.

Operation Caliph, Hunt for the Terrorists is a fast-paced thriller with an interesting array of characters and stimulating settings. If you like a book with lots of moving parts and an array of characters all going in different directions then this is definitely a novel you’ll love.

Pages: 363 | ASIN:  B0934BYG3K

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