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Donan Berg
Donan Berg Author Interview

Find the Girl follows a young girl on a magical adventure to free a boy who’s stuck in a weasels body. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

For years I participated in a worldwide project to distribute books. One of the years, there was this book about a princess encountering a frog at a well. It turned out to be fairy tale “mashup.” That the frog was a prince, didn’t inspire me. However, I appreciated the imagination, but veered off to think my own thoughts. I live in the United States Heartland. Caves are not uncommon, nor are caves along the Antrim Coast in Ireland, close to where I was born. Fairies and leprechauns are not far from the stories my mother and grandmother shared. Add to that I traveled to Greece on a ship formerly owned by one of my US employers. That set my mind awhirl.

Eta is an interesting and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character development?

While I’m a male, strong female characters inspire my writing. Not the women who dominate the national headlines, but those who everyday care for the persons around them. Eta, a teenager, can’t demonstrate these ideals initially but she, in my mind, could challenge her present anxieties while she possessed the future potential to change the world, if only for one person. And that person need not be a stranger, but one closest to her, i.e., her grandmother.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

You present an interesting question about themes. First of all, I wished the story to grab the imagination of a young reader. That is to say a reader I’ve been. Yes, if only in my past and present imagination. And, isn’t that what reading is all about, to explore what may happen? To answer the question I pose, yes. For all who read this, I agree. To answer your question about a theme, I join all who try to expand one’s mind, to live in a world not ours, and to experience the constraints of a prior world. I try by my writing to offer this.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My answer is both hard and easy. I’m working on, as the excerpt to Find the Girl, A Fantasy Novel, teased, a follow-up fantasy novel that stars Lucia who wishes for a Christmas tree. If the tree is but an image that hides supernatural forces is yet to be explained. When it will be available is open to my work ability to complete. While I’m well along with it’s writing, it is challenged by a murder/mystery that preceded “Find the Girl, A Fantasy Novel.”

Thus, while I don’t wish to be evasive, the accurate answer is we’ll have to, along with me, have to wait and see.

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Seventh grader Eta Dorcas captures a weasel in an Iowa cave. The weasel speaks.
And, Eta’s fingertips glow blue and she dares not tell Dad, Grandma, sister Daria, nor brother Nathan.
Ian, a seventeen-year-old sailor in the 1800s, is cursed to live as a 21st Century weasel unless he collects the silver, gold, and pearl spelled out by an anagram: ‘Find the Girl.’
Eta doesn’t believe she has magical powers. Yet, she’s an empowering spirit as she and Ian propel themselves on three separate trips to 1859 Greece, Ireland and the Mississippi River. The adventures blend harrowing intrigue, bond-building, and enlightenment without romance as Ian’s collectibles are not freely given. Eta’s family dynamics build and reveal her empathy.

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