Save Magic City

Save Magic City by [Rocsanne Shield]

Edmund is a murderous sorcerer and knight with a long rap sheet. His latest crime gets him banished seven hundred years into the future and cursed to obey only good commands or face severe pain if his actions cause anyone suffering. Stuck in the future, he soon receives a sense of purpose and goes through a remarkable transformation when Leona and her son Leo find him in the woods. Bound to obey her every command, Edmund attempts to get her to allow him to save her collapsing town with magic but she refuses. Together with some friends, they must find realistic ways to go up against the big corporation that has left the citizens jobless and save the penniless town. All the while, Edmund and the people of Magic City are oblivious to a secret adversary lurking in the shadows, biding his time.

Rocsanne Shield’s Save Magic City is a fantasy novel brimming with intrigue and fun. Don’t be fooled by the title. Though magic and other supernatural elements like telepathy form the threads of Shield’s story, at the core of this tale are deeper themes.

For one, the author helps us recover the appreciation for our world we may have lost through familiarity. The author does this by showing us the world through the lens of one just discovering its thrills.

With shreds of humor here and there, the book reflects a child-like playfulness anyone would love. I also loved that Shield’s work is a fairly easy read. It’s great for children too because of its inspiring themes, child characters, and simple language.

The author serves up content you might consider wholesome. It’s bursting with hope, unity, and cooperation. It’s a needed glimpse into what people are capable of when they band together to tackle collective problems.

Sheild establishes a balance between the need for human effort and a little sprinkle of serendipity. No matter who we are, some factors will lead to our fortunes which we’ll have zero power over. Call those factors answered prayers, granted wishes from the universe; anything, but we can’t deny that fate conspires to bring good our way as much as it does evil too. The story felt linear at time, but then a twist would come along that I didn’t see coming and ensures the book ends on a high note.

I felt a little backstory on some of the major characters would have helped me better connect with them. I’d have loved to know who Leona was and how she came to adopt Leo.

We might be getting a sequel if the way the book ended is anything to go by. While I’ll readily curl up with anything Shield launches next, this book is sure to keep fans entertained in the mean time.

Pages: 304 | ASIN: B07CF4HQCQ

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