The Addiction Manifesto

The Addiction Manifesto, by Jerry Weaver, provides readers with an impassioned retelling of his experience battling addiction. Weaver is a former addict who shares his personal story and the story of other individuals throughout this book to reveal and examine the real struggle with addiction.

The book depicts Weaver’s battle with addiction and his personal experiences, what led to the addiction and how he overcame this battle. The addiction is referred to as its own entity, something that only cares about its next fix, something that controls the individual until they no longer recognize themselves. The novel includes multiple individuals account of their own battle with addiction and where they are now in recovery. This provides a wholistic view of addiction through multiple perspectives.

The writing style in this book is very personal and stirring, but it is also edifying and provides readers with coaching and mentoring to help them. Weaver writes about his own experiences and then gives his opinion and advice on how others struggling can recover. Weaver shows that no matter your background, what type of addiction, or where you hit rock bottom, there is always a path to recovery and always a lesson to be learned. This was a profound moment for me, to see someone so low, and pull themselves from the depths like a phoenix, and the way that is portrayed in the book is enthralling.

I admire the strength of the individuals who told their stories and are on a path to recovery. I believe anyone who reads this book will gain insight into the battle of addiction and the path to recovery.

The Addiction Manifesto is an inspiring book that provides a fascinating look at addiction and provides practical advice on how to overcome it. I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling or has struggled with addiction or to anyone who knows some struggling with addiction. This book can give insight into what individual’s go through to get their next fix, how they struggle daily, and what you could possibly do to help.

Pages: 178 | ASIN: B08KY52VJK

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  1. Thank you for the amazing review and thank you for seeing the truth behind the stories.


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