To Tell The Truth . . .

To Tell the Truth by Fred Fox is an inspirational book with one grand promise: it will help guide you, the reader, to a better, more informed life. It highlights how a lack of trust between people, the government, and the world around us can create a divide within yourself. By acknowledging truth and getting to the root of what this word means to each person, we are able to learn who we truly are deep down.

To Tell the Truth asks the tough questions. Who are we? What do we want? How do we want others to perceive us? These are questions we all encounter on a daily basis, but whose answers can feel intimidating. While we each exist as unique beings, we still have to face the fact that we are a part of a larger whole. To Tell the Truth poses a statement that sticks with the reader: You can’t know anything that isn’t true.

I found this book profound and impactful. As a society, there are always categories that keep us separate, and so many points of view floating around that sometimes it feels difficult to understand what the truth is. I loved the idea that community is founded in truth, and that together we understand what makes us ourselves but trusting others.

While the philosophy in this text is straightforward and encouraging, I would have appreciated more real life examples. I think the book could have benefitted from some personal stories or evaluations of individuals, examining how their thoughts might reflect the idea of truth over everything.

To Tell the Truth is the perfect book for those who might feel lost in life as an individual piece of a whole community that feels like it might know all the answers while you’re left in the dark. The philosophy in this book is encouraging, reassuring, and educated. It’s a great text to help you discover who you truly are.

Pages: 120 | ISBN: 1105257363

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