3,000 Pulses Later

3,000 Pulses Later: A Memoir of Surviving Depression Without Medications by [Martha Rhodes]

3,000 Pulses Later by Martha Rhodes, is the inspiring biography of a woman who suffers from depression. This candid memoir takes us through Martha’s darkest moments, up to the point when she reaches a dark pit of pain and suffering. However, the focus, as stated in the preface, is on the treatment that cured Martha’s depression and that is TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This procedure will bring important changes in her life and erase her depression, turning her into another person, a new Martha Rhodes.

Rhodes writes in a descriptive and factual way as she narrates her personal story. With her easy story telling she is able to allow the reader to feel empathy towards her condition and cheer with her when the cure finally works and shows itself to be more useful than expected. As a reader keen on details, I appreciated the effort put into describing the disease as this helped me visualize it, and it also helps anyone without it to feel empathy towards others and help them.

The preface at the beginning and frequently asked questions about TMS at the end of the book give the reader the feeling that the writer understands them and knows where they are coming from, I really appreciated these parts of the book.

3,000 Pulses Later, by Martha Rhodes is an emotional and uplifting memoir. This is a story that stirs the soul and will help many people who suffer from depression. This book will also be beneficial to anyone without depression as well as this is overall an inspirational memoir that highlights the struggles people with depression face. In Martha Rhodes’ own words: “My intention for you is that you’ll discover a glimmer of hope in your heart and be able to welcome miracles into your own life.” 3,000 Pulses Later inspires hope through a compelling and impassioned story.

Pages: 200 | ASIN: B00DL52NII

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  1. Thank you for such a glowing, humbling review.
    Bless you and everyone at Literary Titans.


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