Grievances And Blind Hatred

Author Interview
Henry Helbog Author Interview

Blood Feud finds Flint in the middle of a family feud and becomes the target of the Morgan family patriarch when he kills his eldest son. What were some sources that informed this novel’s development?

I drew inspiration from the Graham-Tewksbury and Hatfield-McCoy feuds as well as feuds involving Scottish clans. The opening scene in Blood Feud is loosely based on a shootout at the Tewksbury ranch in which John Tewksbury and William Jacobs were killed outside the ranch. There was a poignant moment during that shootout in which Tewksbury’s wife, Eva Tewksbury, came out with a shovel to bury her husband and Jacobs. The Grahams, who’d been firing on the ranch for hours, withheld their fire until she’d finished burying them and gone back inside. I was going to include a variation of this scene in my opening chapter, but I couldn’t quite find a way to fit it in.

What were some obstacles you felt were important to defining Flint’s character in this story?

Flint felt from the start that it was imperative he not take sides in the blood feud and be as neutral as possible. But at the same time, he had to focus his attention on protecting the members of one of the families — the Whitcombs– since it was they who had hired him. He even originally had notions of trying to help negotiate an end to the feud, which soon went nowhere. For Flint, it was probably an impossible situation from the start, but, as usual, he needed the money. He could have backed out of the arrangement when he realized just how intractable, vicious and hell-bent on killing each other both sides were, but he’d already given his word that he’d protect the Whitcombs. And at that point, pulling out would have meant letting down the most innocent members of the family, who would have been more vulnerable than ever.

What were some new ideas you wanted to introduce in this book that were different from your previous books?

Inheriting the grievances and blind hatred of previous generations can have disastrous consequences. Instead of continuing to take part in an ultimately futile conflict, it’s best that both sides find it within themselves to establish a truce and live for the future, not the past. However, that’s easier said than done.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next one in the Flint series is Vengeance, which needs to bake just a little longer in the oven before it’ll be ready. It’s something along the lines of a murder mystery, though of course is set in the Old West. One by one, a group of men who have a common link to a nefarious period in their past are murdered. Flint is brought in to investigate the murders and unmask the perpetrator before they are all killed.

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United States Marshal Flint, retired, is hired by the Whitcomb family to protect the Whitcombs from attacks by a rival family, the Morgans. For thirty-five long years the Whitcombs and Morgans have been sworn enemies. Dozens of family members in that time have been cut down in the prime of life. But the worst may be yet to come as the killings begin to escalate.

When Flint kills the eldest Morgan son during a raid by the Morgans, he is inexorably drawn into a conflict he wanted no part of. Now he too is fair game. Thaddeus Morgan, the ruthless, fanatical patriarch of the Morgans, vows that Flint’s days are numbered.

Will Flint survive the bullet of a sharpshooter sent to assassinate him? And, even if he does, will he be able to stay alive during the final battle between the two bitter rival families in their longstanding blood feud?

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