Speaks for Itself

Speaks for Itself: A Commodity of Musings from My Life by [Jeffrey Bailey]

In Speaks for Itself: A Commodity of Musings from My Life the reader takes delight in going through provocative poems that touch on various life experiences. Jeffrey Paul Bailey’s poems are simple, easy to understand, and fun to read. The author is not too technical nor does he use complicated phrases. Jeffrey Paul Bailey’s writing and simplicity when expressing emotions and experiences is what made me a fan of his work. As a reader, you enjoy every page as the author has something that you can relate to or something that you have seen around.

When writing Speaks for Itself, Jeffrey Paul Bailey intended for the reader to understand that we are more than our experiences. I love that by the end of the reading; one does a little reflection and views self in a different light. Jeffrey Bailey’s poetry is powerful. His words stick with you and you only realize this once you are done reading the whole book. I like how the author talks of serious topics in a subtle way. He adds jest and writes the lines in an amusing way that enables different demographics of readers to follow and enjoy his book without difficulty. Poetry is an amazing genre and one that brings people together. Speaks for Itself is the kind of book that would bring poetry lovers together.

There are many poems that I enjoyed and read more than once in the book. This is because I resonated with the text and had gone through experiences almost similar to the subject matter. Other poems were my favorite because of how excellent they were written and how lovely they sounded. Some of those poems include; ‘Teacher’s Pet’, ‘Den of Iniquity, ‘By the Dark of Night’, ‘The Luxury of Complacency’, ‘Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop’, ‘Sweet Spot’, and ‘Afraid of the Dark’. Each poem had its great elements but there is something about the aforementioned poems that made me re-read the lines and value the art of poetry more.

I appreciate the creativity and attention to detail that went into the writing process as it encourages one to keep reading. Jeffery Bailey is skilled no doubt and his ingenuity is to be applauded. I recommend this book to every poetry enthusiast. The text in the book can be enjoyed effortlessly. The poems are also short and so is the book. One can complete the entire book in one sitting and read it again without feeling bored.

Speaks for Itself: A Commodity of Musings from My Life contains simple yet powerful and emotive poems that are profound and I was impressed with their ability to convey such potent emotions and ideas candidly and artfully.

Pages: 97 | ASIN: B0986WCD85

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