The Fate of Lenn

The Fate of Lenn (The Gift-Knight Trilogy) by [Dylan Madeley]

The Fate of Lenn by Dylan Madeley is the sixth and currently final book in his series of fantasy novels. The book follows the story of Duke Lenn a good and honest man who rules over his lands fairly and honorably. He is haunted by the loss of his father at a young age and strives to be a god and noble man. Unfortunately, these are trying times for his Kingdom, and he must come together with allies old and new to fight against old rivals and protect those he loves. He is joined by a band of musicians, a beauty from a foreign land and his loyal lieutenant Tibor.

The Fate of Lenn is one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a long time and is unlike most fantasy novels. The world building is excellent and I was immediately engrossed in his world. This world has a living breathing history that is referenced just enough that the reader knows what is going on and understands character motivations without the book feeling like a historical text. This is a fine line that Madeley treads well. Madeley also uses his world in interesting ways. Firstly, this may be a book set in a medieval fantasy world, but the setting is down to earth. There are vague references to mystical beasts and deities which some characters believe in, but it is never confirmed or denied whether they exist. Likewise, Lenn is haunted by the ghost of his father, who he talks to regularly. However, it is never made clear whether the ghost is real or part of Lenn’s coping mechanism. Even Lenn seems unsure. The world also seems to be an allegory for the modern world. Lenn’s kingdom is a liberal land and is rightly proud of this. Gay and trans characters suffer no discrimination and the King makes sure that his populace is cared for and educated. However, there are dark undercurrents. Despite the kingdoms liberal image, it soon becomes clear that xenophobia and corruption are becoming rife. Meanwhile a struggling lower class are set to revolt against their dutiful King whom they now see as an oppressor. This book explores what happens when a society rests on its laurels and let’s social decay creep in.

The author avoids overly flowery language. His writing is descriptive but also straight to the point and comes across as well written. There are few fight scenes in the book, but those it does feature are blow by blow accounts that get the blood pumping. Madeley excels at getting us to care about not just the world he’s built but the characters in it.

The Fate of Lenn is yet another riveting entry in the epic fantasy Gift-Knight series that continues to expand the alluring world.

Pages: 267 | ASIN: B09G3J7WSQ

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