What’s Not Said

What's Not Said: A Novel by [Valerie Taylor]

What’s Not Said is a witty and entertaining rom-com written by Valerie Taylor. The narrative follows Kassie in the midst of concocting a plan to divorce her intolerable and emotionally abusive husband, Mike, which is suddenly halted by the revelation of Mike’s chronic kidney disease. The novel opens from Kassie’s point of view, in which the reader learns about all the hardships that Kassie had to endure under Mike’s hand; manipulation, lies, infidelity- the list is endless. Mike is painted as an archetypal storybook villain. But the plot thickens further when we are introduced to Mike’s point of view, and learn all the intricacies of the pair’s turbulent marriage. In this story, there seems to be no innocent party.

The main character Kassie is revealed to have a lot of dark secrets of her own, and at times this makes it harder to empathize with her. But Kassie is written with such humor and wit that it makes her so undeniably charming. So, while I found myself ultimately rooting for Kassie and her happiness, all the layers and intricacies of her situation make it very challenging to form the simplistic “A is the hero, B is the villain” perspective that most books typically command. This was intriguing, as it made the narrative more complex and urged me to continue reading to learn the entire context of the situation. Due to this, the story was gripping. Furthermore, there were so many twists and turns in the story, conflicts mimicking that of a soap opera. While some twists were a little predictable, several truly shocking ones kept me on the edge of my seat. The book only has a few characters, as the narrative events are centered heavily on Kassie and Mike’s relationship dynamics. Due to this, all the characters were explored fully, making the story feel more realistic and engaging. Taylor’s writing explored the characters and their perspectives deeply, so the narrative was richer and more interesting overall.

I loved the witty and vibrant writing style, and the characters were riveting overall. There was no end of surprises and layers to the story, keeping the reader on their toes at all times. I would love to read more of Taylor’s work in the future.

Pages: 317 | ASIN: B083BHW277

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