People Still Fall For It

B B Denson
B B Denson Author Interview

Beneficial Accomplishments of Joe Biden provides readers with satirical conservative commentary on President Biden’s lack of achievement in office. What inspired you to write this book?

I had been feeling helpless as I have been watching what has been happening to our country.  I didn’t want my grandkids to someday say, “Why didn’t you try to do anything?”.

What was the creative process like to bring this book together?

As your review stated, the concept of basically an empty book isn’t a new idea. One of my daughters had given me a book titled “Husbands I have known and liked”. That book kept catching my eye and making me laugh. I felt like so many of us are so upset about what is happening these days that we all needed something to make us laugh a little.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about U.S. politics?

Some people seem to think when they are watching the news, they are finding out what is happening in the world. The truth is, the news media presents not just the stories they want people to hear, but from the point of view they want them to have. If one point of view is all you hear, it is hard to think any other way.

It is hard for people to change, especially as they get older. Older people that have been liberals their whole lives, sometimes don’t realize how much liberal policy has changed over the years. People may have been liberal when they were young for example, because they wanted to make sure all people were being treated fairly. These days, liberal policy is the opposite of treating people fairly.

Young people that are liberal don’t seem to know anything else, since that is what the schools have been teaching them.

And when I hear talk about “Man-made, catastrophic climate change”, it reminds me of the ancient stories of rulers telling their people that they need to make sacrifices to them in order to make it rain. It is a tale as old as time, “Give me your money and I will give you good weather”. It is amazing to me that people still fall for it.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

No idea. But when I wrote each of my books, I didn’t plan on writing any of them until the day I got the idea, and then I couldn’t quit until I had it done, so I expect that if I write another, that is likely to be the way it happens.

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Winner of the International Impact Book Award for Humor!
https: //

The emperor is wearing no clothes. Someone had to point it out.

There is a bit of satirical conservative commentary about the following:
1.) Reduced Healthcare Costs 2.) Advancement of Education 3.) Improved Race Relations 4.) Encouraged Free Speech 5.) Safer Cities 6.) Strengthened the US Military 7.) Protected US Intellectual Property from China 8.) Brought Manufacturing Jobs Back to the USA 9.) United the Country 10.) Made the USA a More Prosperous Country 11.) Ensured Free and Fair Elections 12.) Made Americans Proud of the USA Again
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