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Poems For The End Of The Age

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Author H. Peter Zell’s Poems for the End of the Age is his interpretation of The Book of Revelations. In these thought-provoking poems, the author tells of a catastrophic war between the U.S. and Russia. The poems titled ‘Reflections of a Believer’ and ‘Empire of the Apocalypse’ are the author’s interpretations of the apocalypse. The poems ‘Discourse on the Mosel or The Century Poem’ are from other poets who provide their views of recent historical events and predictions for the future.

I found the preface in the book to be an insightful addition that corroborates the author’s poems which touch upon Christianity and politics and how it all comes back to the apocalypse. In addition, the author’s writing style is conversational and informative. This style allows the reader to form their own opinion of The Book of Revelations, and this combination of providing insight while allowing me to find my own path made this book engaging. I also appreciate that the author acknowledges that some readers may not agree with his interpretation, but the author still discusses his findings and his truth.

After reading the author’s poems, I found it alarming that The Book of Revelations does touch upon many events that have happened and are currently happening in the world today. The most disturbing one of all is the War between Russia and the U.S. by 2030. Zell’s poems serve as a wake-up call for awareness and early intervention of U.S. nationals. The author provides a fresh perspective of The Book of Revelations and challenges readers to question how our nation’s current actions affect the future.

Poems for the End of the Age is a thought-provoking book for those interested in politics and religion. This interesting read will help readers understand how the two topics correlate with one another. In addition, this is a perceptive and intriguing collection of poetry that will stay with you long after putting the book down.

Pages: 70

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Radical Humility

Humility is a virtue that we all should possess. Being humble means that you recognize the presence and importance of others. Understanding that everyone matters and that you are not the only worthy person is an important life skill. In this educational book, authors Jamie Vander Broek and Rebekah Modrak compiled a collection of essays about humility in different contexts. I love that the essays are by multiple writers from different backgrounds and career paths. By including more than 20 writers, Rebekah and Jamie are able to apply diversity even as they spread their message of humility. In addition, the reader can experience different cultures and viewpoints through this diverse collection.

The variance in delivering the self-effacement message makes reading this book exciting. Radical Humility: Essays on Ordinary Acts is for you if you enjoy deep discussions and texts that show you a different side of the world.

The writing style used by many of the writers is well-paced and informative without being dry. There is a bit of technical jargon within some chapters, though the reader can still understand the message. Readers will appreciate that the writers explain any foreign or technical term to clarify their message.

Radical Humility: Essays on Ordinary Acts is an excellent book for readers that like to read a section and reflect on the message. After reading this book, readers will have a vast amount of information to digest and reflect upon, evaluating their own level of modesty that they demonstrate or display to others in the different areas of their life. For example, how do those in government, heads in schools, and leaders at work show humility? Are you humble yourself? How do you keep yourself and those around you in check? Rebekah Modrak and Jamie Vander Broek’s book is a fantastic resource for contemplating these questions.

The discussions by all the writers were insightful. However, there are some writers whose works stood out for me. Lynette Clemetson was among my favorites. The discussion on journalism in the era of Likes, Follows, and Shares was eye-opening, and the author shares the impact technology has on modern society. Russell Belk was another writer whose works I deeply connected with. The writer discussed Humility Vs. Humiliation in Old Age and this is a conversation that everyone should be having.

Radical Humility: Essays on Ordinary Acts is a collection of essays dealing with Social Philosophy and human interactions. It can be read as a self-help book for self-improvement and as a study of human nature.

Pages: 234 | ASIN : B093X3MPZ5

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Troubled By How Divided Our Nation Had Become

Ronald Gruner Author Interview

We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century talks about how policies and actions from past administrations have led the country to where it is today. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Starting around 2015, I became troubled by how divided our nation had become. Politicians and the media have divided us making it difficult to discuss even life-threatening issues such as COVID and vaccines objectively. History and economic books have taken on a partisan bias catering to their respective audiences. It was this growing political tribalism that motivated me to write a non-partisan presidential issue that ignored politics and rather focused on the issues which actually affect individuals and the nation from personal income to national security.

While researching facts for this book, what was one thing that you discovered that shocked you?

During World War II, Ho Chi Minh was a loyal ally of the United States fighting a guerilla war against the Japanese in IndoChina alongside the American OSS. After the war, Ming repeatedly asked President Truman to support Vietnam’s independence from the French. His requests were ignored. Thirty years of war resulted with Vietnam ultimately gaining its independence after 58,000 American soldiers, and millions of Vietnamese, lost their lives.

What is one event in history that you feel had the greatest impact on how we live today?

Today, it is certainly Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO chose to expand eastward threatening Russia’s borders. America’s most experienced Cold War diplomat, George Kennan, predicted: “…it is the beginning of a new cold war. I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake.” (pages 340 – 347) Kennan was, unfortunately, right.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have several ideas, but nothing firm, yet.

Author Links: GoodReads | Amazon | Website

Imagine a non-partisan presidential history spanning Warren G. Harding to Donald Trump that never mentions Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative.

Rather than politics, WE THE PRESIDENTS focuses on the issues which affect Americans today. Soaring inflation, resurgent nativism, income inequality, budget deficits, the Ukraine crisis and other critical issues, all have their roots in presidential administrations over the past century. For example:

President Harding’s treasury secretary, Andrew Mellon, promoted radical, new tax policies which later provided the rationale for deep tax cuts under Reagan, GW Bush and Trump — and ballooning deficits.
President Clinton’s encouragement of NATO’s eastward expansion after the end of the Cold War contributed to Russia’s evolution into a dangerous adversary rather than an ally as are Germany and Japan.
Presidents Reagan, Clinton and GW Bush promoted the deregulation of the financial industry which eventually led to the 2008 Financial Crisis..

WE THE PRESIDENTS is more than an absorbing read; it is a great education about how our country works. The author’s engaging and straightforward writing brings alive a century of presidencies and how their actions have led to what America is today.

Many Surprises Detailed in the Book

Author Interview
Jim Lichtman Author Interview

Trust and Confidence -The 1998 Battle Between the Secret Service and Ken Starr is about the high-profile cases of former Director of the United States Secret Service, Lewis Merletti. Did you find anything in your research of this book that surprised you?

I never expected to obtain a copy of the Harris report—a special counsel investigation into possible misconduct charges by Ken Starr’s attorneys when they confronted Monica Lewinsky at the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Harris was told her report had been sealed. After many months I had located the report and discovered it had not been sealed by the court. Harris opened up in a series of interviews regarding her interview with Ken Starr and several attorneys in the office of independent counsel. While Harris did not find any misconduct by the attorneys, her report points out that they had crossed an ethical line when Lewinsky asked to speak to an attorney several times and was dissuaded. The Department of Justice had stressed the importance of ethical conduct for all prosecutors.

The discovery of that report led me to track down and obtain documents related to the Secret Service matter. All the documents I received from the National Archives and utilized in “Trust and Confidence” had not been previously released and led to many surprises detailed in the book.

What is one thing that you hope readers take away from Trust and Confidence?

A much fuller account of the Starr investigation regarding the Clinton/Lewinsky relationship and how Ken Starr believed an anonymous source inside the Secret Service that director Lewis Merletti had a deal with Clinton: keep quiet about Lewinsky and I’ll make you director.

All false.

This is one of the best untold stories of integrity whereby readers will learn how valuable personal integrity is today.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’ve spent 12 years researching and writing “Trust and Confidence” I haven’t had a chance to think about what’s next.

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A Battle for Her Nation’s Freedom

Author Interview
Mary Rae Watry Mauch Author Interview

Wild Colts Make the Best Horses– The Intrepid Life of Abigail Adams is a biography on the former First Lady and her life before and after her husband’s role as President. Why was this an important book for you to write?

All my life, I have admired Abigail Adams’ accomplishments and have felt that the Adams family has been overlooked. Even in my college history courses, the only woman mentioned as a contributor to the American Revolution was the seamstress, Betsy Ross. My own life mirrors Abigail’s, therefore I easily identified with her and hoped to transfer this empathy to readers. She was one hundred years ahead of her time on many issues, such as the abolition of slavery and equal education for women. My hope is that students will become more interested in learning our history, that they encounter teachers who make it come alive, and that our history is presented fairly, including its strengths and weaknesses. At this divisive time in our nation, all citizens need to grasp and understand the initial ideals of this nation so that freedom will survive! Lastly, I wished to leave my five grandchildren a legacy that includes a love of history, their nation, and the written word.

When researching the life of Abigail Adams, what was one thing that surprised you from her life?

Abigail’s incredible loyalty and devotion to both John and the country she helped to birth. Abigail not only molded bullets in her kitchen, but she also produced saltpeter using urine and rainwater to be used as gunpowder. Despite being aware that both her femininity and fertility would be questioned, Abigail drove a modest horse and carriage to attend many sessions of Congress while serving as the Vice-President’s wife. Due to John’s ten-year absence serving as a delegate in Philadelphia and as a diplomat in France, Abigail independently managed their farm, supervised the homestead, created homespun clothing to support the boycott of English goods, and educated their four young children. Her knowledgeable and charismatic influence in the White House reinforced  John’s relationship with Congressmen and Justices. In an age when women’s opinions were neither elicited nor accepted, I was also surprised to learn about John’s pride in Abigail as his trusted advisor. 

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from Abigail Adam’s story?

An appreciation for the imminent dangers the Founding Fathers and Mothers, particularly Abigail Adams, faced during our Revolution, a crucial turning point in history.  Abigail was John’s confidante and most trusted advisor, who despite the criticism she received as First Lady, she continued to staunchly battle for the advancement of America and the survival of her nation’s freedom.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There are so many fascinating figures in history that deserve recognition. I am undecided about which of these I would passionately devote my time to researching and bringing to life.

Author Links: GoodReads | Amazon

Join an adventure walking in the shoes of Abigail Adams, wife of the second President of the United States, John Adams. Many stepping stones along this journey are first-hand accounts of Abigail’s correspondence before, during, and after the birth of her nation. Her forthright, knowledgeable insights reporting from the hotbed of Boston during the Revolution reveal the struggle of a young, loving family often separated as they balanced the needs of family vs. the needs of the emerging nation. You will encounter discourse from famous people and witness Abigail’s benevolence. She taught a young African-American boy to read, advocating for his inclusion in a traditional school. An early abolitionist, she also fought for women’s education and suffrage. Share her anguish as she buried four of her children. Realize Abigail’s political prowess as chief advisor to John. Abigail became the first of two valiant women to wear the labels of both wife and mother of an American president. This passionate portrayal of Abigail’s life highlights the hardships endured by the patriots to cement America’s values of liberty and justice for all.

Eternal Vigilance

Ralpjh L. Bayrer, in his book Eternal Vigilance: Guarding Against the Predatory State, writes about the status quo, government functions, the economic state of things, and the world as a global village. The reader is taken through various concepts and enlightened on how economics works. The author’s objective is to break down his topics so that the reader will fully understand. Every topic covered in the book is given an overview and then followed by an in-depth discussion.

Ralph L. Bayrer’s encyclopedic writing style is appealing and encourages the reader to dig deeper. For instance, on Cautionary examples of Representative Government, the author uses practical examples to discuss how our actions as humans have led to a financial mess. This chapter will help you as a reader compare the economic policies in your country versus other countries and learn how governments manage their finances. The mention of countries in the Global North versus others in South America and other developing nations gives one an idea of how finances affect every aspect of human life.

The economy is among the top topics vastly covered in the book. Ralph L. Bayrer extensively writes about the generation of economic advancements and how government policies impact the growth of wealth in societies. Reading about economic freedom was enlightening as the reader gets exposed to economies that often lead to healthy debates.

Ralph L. Bayrer writes in a convincing tone, encouraging the reader to see past flaws and dents and getting them to think more seriously about the government’s financial systems, the economy, and the significance of free markets. History lessons are part of this in-depth book. The author has mastered using historical references to make his point while comparing and contrasting various situations and drawing examples before writing the conclusion of a particular topic.

Eternal Vigilance: Guarding Against the Predatory State is an excellent reference book if you want to learn about economic freedom, the role of government, and human cooperation.

Pages: 344 | ASIN : B087TQGG22

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They’re Certainly Different

Author Interview
Charles Pinwill Author Inteview

Different Essays: (They’re Certainly Different) covers a vast array of controversial and politically charged topics in one collection. What was the inspiration for this collection of topics?

I realised initially that public perceptions about money creation needed correction, so wrote a couple of essays to say so. New revelations occasioned new essays.

How did you decide on the title of this novel?

The commonality of my essays with those of other essayists is difficult to discover; hence they’re different.

What essay in this collection was the most interesting for you to write?

Many were fun, but “Proletariats or Proprietors” is at the guts of the decisions that society must make for itself in deciding its future.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am working on Different Essays II (They’re Certainly Different Too) with 26 unpublished essays and could push the go button pretty much any time.

Author Links: Amazon | GoodReads

These are easily the most challenging essays on the planet. Pinwill is an original conceptual thinker with a dry sense of humor and turn of phrase. Whether its politics, national economics, history, theology or money his writing all comes from somewhere different. You?ll need to buy his essays to discover whether you love or hate them. He has even thrown in the first Profit and Loss Account ever done for the United States, and the first Comprehensive Balance Sheet ever done for Australia, to show us that he is not just a pretty face and a comedian. His ?Mongrel Dog? articles are all at the expense of politicians. His pieces on money leave all bankers? ears burning. He proves with very scholarly accounts that modern nations are profitable, and suggests that the profit might be distributed as a National Dividend rather than a National Debt. Yes, he certainly comes from another place and is going to a different one as well. Walk with him for a mile and you will feel the seductive attraction of his destination.

Trust and Confidence

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Trust and ConfidenceThe 1998 Battle Between the Secret Service and Ken Starr is a historical look into the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. This in-depth analysis of the event started with author Jim Lichtman interviewing Lewis Merletti, the former Director of the United States Secret Service. This astute book gives readers an enthralling look into the political drama that unfolds when two factions of the Justice Department: Starr’s Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) and the upper echelon of the Department of Justice (DOJ) are pitted against each other. Lichtman opens this book with the thought-provoking epigraph:

If you have integrity, nothing else matters.”

“If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” – Senator Alan Simpson

This sets the tone for the rest of the book and introduces the reader to the theme. It is a book about trust and confidence, the basic tenets of the United States Secret Service. 

Merletti was an important figure in Starr’s investigation against the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal, which was part of the much bigger Whitewater Scandal. This intriguing book is based entirely on personal interviews, documents from the personal files of the former Secret Service Director Lewis Merletti, and several other documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

The story is not just limited to Merletti’s encounters regarding the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal. It also covers how Merletti defended the report of his internal investigations on the raid by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) on a religious sect led by the spiritual zealot, David Koresh. Additionally, Lichtman discusses how Merletti fulfilled his role in the presidential detail and ultimately got appointed as the Director of the US Secret Service. This gives the reader a deeper insight into Merletti as an individual, what he stands for, and thus better explains the concept of trust and confidence around which the entire book revolves. 

Trust and Confidence is an intellectually invigorating read. This phenomenal book is recommended for anyone interested in political drama and wishes to dive deeper into the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal and look at its nuances as the book deliberately prevents the scandalous details of the extramarital affair from overshadowing the theme.  

Pages: 212

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