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Political Psychology Invasions

Dr. Len Bergantino starts this eye-opening book by taking the reader back to the 2020 election. He writes about the Democrat candidates at the time and analyzes Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden. He then proceeds to write letters to President Trump, where he explains his aggravation and gives guidance on how certain issues should be handled. I take pleasure in reading Dr. Len Bergantino because of how raw he is. His language may come off as too strong, but the tone is what makes his writing distinct. Dr. Len Bergantino writes like a concerned citizen who wants to see his country run in a better manner.

Political Psychology Invasions looks at the past and current political situation and how today’s events influence the future. In the book, readers learn about governance and how challenging it can be to contain some political elements. Dr. Len Bergantino writes in an informative and authentic manner. He does not mind irritating some people as he is objective and true to his word. I like that the author gives praise where it’s due and also criticizes when necessary. Dr. Len Bergantino analyzes the situations discussed in the book with impartiality and gives facts before concluding on a particular topic. In addition, the author explains the political class and how to perform your duties as a citizen.

Apart from the status quo, Dr. Len Bergantino also wrote about music and its role in society. Music may be a universal language, but to Dr. Len Bergantino, music is more than that. It is intimate to him as it is a family business. Being a professional psychoanalyst and a professional musician, Dr. Len Bergantino writes of how he is concerned by today’s music. Having been introduced to music from a young age, Dr. Len Bergantino does not appreciate today’s music as most of it is noise. Instead, the author writes about the importance of music among the masses and why musicians should improve. The author also advises on how to write better music as he narrates his experiences.

Amidst the political analysis and discussions, the author also writes of his adventures, travels, and life experiences. The fusing of his personal tales with the political talk was a great way of killing the monotony that may have been present. I like Dr. Len Bergantino because he writes with confidence. Even when calling out certain political figures, Dr. Len Bergantino gives a good reason. He is bright and great at analyzing human behavior and events.

Political Psychology Invasion will expose readers to politicians’ dealings and help them better understand and examine future political events. This interesting book will give readers much to think over and help them better understand the political environment.

Pages: 178 | ASIN : B0876QCM35

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Did We Learn Anything From WTC Towers Collapse?

September 11 is a date that sends a shiver through many peoples’ bodies. The World Trade Center attack is one of the most disastrous terrorist attacks in the world. And while everyone sympathizes with the victims and their families, there are multiple impacts of the attack that are often overlooked. In his book Did We Learn anything from WTC Tower collapse? Critical Review of Final NIST Reports and More, author Gregory Szuladzinski critically analyzes the effects of the attack, the security measures that have been taken since then, how life changed for most and the government’s role in protecting its citizens from attacks of this nature. 

Just like the title suggests, this book poses questions not just to authorities, but everyone responsible. Is the United States prepared to handle disasters? What is the long term damages and what can we learn from the reports by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)? The book is all-inclusive as the author has compiled real stats and data to back his analysis. Gregory Szuladzinski is factual and only writes about what he can prove from his experience in aircraft construction, aerospace, and engineering. 

The book starts on a solemn note; the damage the WTC attacks caused were devastating. Some people are still suffering from the terror two decades later. The author breaks down every part of the investigation with precision and facts. The author starts by giving a general introduction of the topic and later moves on to discussing the accident investigation and explosions, shedding more light on explosions, structural models, aircraft impact modeling, and other things. As a reader, you are able to look at the towers from an engineering standpoint as you follow this scrutiny.

The language used in this illuminating book is technical, but also comprehensive. The author uses hi-tech terms to expound on the investigation and discuss the towers, their construction style and the planes. As a reader, you get the full picture as the author includes both real images from the crime scene and drawn illustrations. There are pictures after every few pages, drawn clearly to help the reader picture what the author is writing about. The author has added more than just the report done by NIST. The author’s findings are more thorough and share vital information. The book brings closure to those indirectly and directly affected, while also informing readers about the engineering aspect of the WTC. Reading this enlightening book will help readers understand what caused the collapse, the timing of the falls, controversies, and the crucial information missing from NIST reports.

Pages: 191 | ASIN: B0B8TR43F5

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Interesting Facets of Politics

Author Interview
Oscar Phillips Author Interview

The Ranting of an Uneducated Reactionary provides a thought-provoking analysis of a variety of topical and philosophical issues facing citizens today. Why was this an important book for you to write?

That it’s the personality and demeanor of a politician and not his or her actual policies that makes life better for Americans.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about U.S. politics today?

That today’s liberalism is just quasi-socialism and that the term “right-wing” means LESS government command and control of the people — NOT more.

What were some key ideas that were important for you to share in your book?

That I presented the reader with intelligent and interesting facets of politics and ideology that no other writer has ever done.

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The Ranting of an Uneducated Reactionary presents us with a thought-provoking analysis on sundry topical and philosophical issues virtually guaranteed to rouse readers of any political stripe. This cerebrally stimulating collection of essays and utterly fascinating random thoughts will interest those with only a junior high school education to those with a PhD from Harvard University. But be forewarned, the conservatism of this book is more than just contentious; it’s outright iconoclastic and even subversive. And although the writings of Mr. Phillips are an absolute joy to read, it’s entirely possible that they could wreak psychological havoc on the intellectually dishonest. “Hyperbole?” say you. Maybe it is…but then again, maybe it isn’t.

The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary

The Ranting of an Uneducated Reactionary is a non-fiction political and social critique of America’s juridical and social systems. This is a thought-provoking conservative manifesto that approaches an array of topics including socialism, liberalism, racial issues, and several others from a conservative point of view. This book offers readers a compendium of controversial topics described in a conversational yet stimulating manner. Oscar Phillips was born and raised in a liberal state and his parents were Democrats. As a child he never demonstrated any interest in politics but stumbled upon the matter during his high school years when he realized the unfairness of the nuclear arms treaty. Around the same time, he watched the debate between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, and had an epiphany that he was a conservative. After publishing many columns in his local newspaper, the author decided to take it a step further and put them together in a book.

This provocative book explores nearly every controversial topic in America. The author talks about everything from economic matters such as capitalism vs socialism, to more social situations such as the standing of LGBTQ+ community. He talks about how the American left has adopted the terms “progressive” and “non-conformist” as they’re own, glorifying them and making anything that stands against them unacceptable.

Every chapter within this book contains something that one reader or another will find controversial. At times the narration takes on a sardonic or cavalier tone. While the trenchant opinions might be disagreeable, there´s no denying that this book offers a unique perspective on a variety of political topics. I would recommend this book to both side of the political divide; to one side to understand the others point of view, and to the other side to provide a supplement to similar philosophical views. I especially recommend this book for anyone trying to familiarize oneself with political terminology such as liberalism, race, and socialism.

The Ranting of an Uneducated Reactionary provides readers with a clear view of the authors incendiary views. Expressive and observant, this is a book with a unique perspective that’s expressed in no uncertain terms.

Pages: 415 | ASIN: B0B4BKVN1J

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License to Loot – Book Trailer

License to Loot is a full of fire and fury look at America’s problems and how we begin to solve them. It unapologetically examines illegal immigration, opioid misuse, controversial vaccinations, and ethnic prejudice.

This book is about helping low-waged employed folks do their best to get off government handouts, and encouraging able-bodied job refusers to stop viewing Uncle Sam as their piggy banks, not caring or not aware of their nation’s debt crisis.

Toward a Model of Constitutions

Toward a Model of Constitutions by Williams Kuttikadan is a comprehensive yet easy read that breaks down the complex anatomy of constitutions, democratic systems, and how they impact society, human rights, and the expectations of individuals and societies. The author does an excellent job of presenting highly detailed information in a book that is simple to digest and understand.

Kuttikadan breaks down the fundamentals of constitutions with charts, illustrations, and straightforward explanations so that the reader gets a clear and concise version of the constitutional model and its importance in a democratic society. While the fundamentals of democracy are built on individual freedom and liberty, the author draws from history, governance, and corporate influence. The author goes a step further by stressing how vital it is to build a constitution with a solid structure in place so that it can adequately protect individual human rights and liberties while guarding against the attempts of large corporations and businesses to skew these rights in their favor, and above individual rights.

This book covers the foundations of a constitution exceptionally well while discussing the impact of oligarchies and institutions that wear a thin veil of democracy to keep citizens and societies convinced that there are no deficiencies in their human rights. These areas of concern include propaganda, false promises, and a lack of transparency that lead to gaps in equality, even in democratically successful nations. The author is passionate about promoting a more critical analysis of democratic constitutions, which must include constant feedback from the public to remain fully democratic in every sense of this definition.

I rate Toward a Model of Constitutions by Williams Kuttikadan a 5 out of 5 for its well-written portrayal and breakdown of modern constitutions and the importance of maintaining democracy with continuous review and improvements to ensure the complete protection of human rights and liberties. While the book is highly detailed with charts and illustrations, which may take a while to digest, it’s a quality read that’s both through-provoking and educational.

Pages: 290 | ASIN: B0B4DZTMDG

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Lies of an Indispensable Nation

Lilvia Soto’s Lies of an Indispensable Nation is a powerful collection of poems and essays that shed light on America’s invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretext of ‘counterterrorism’. The poems explore the sorrows, inhuman treatment, death, and helplessness of those who were affected by the war, on both the American side and the Middle Eastern side. Parents lost their sons, daughters lost their lives and dignity, babies were snatched from the laps of their mothers, and families were broken apart in heinous ways.

It is widely believed that the invasion and war against terrorism began after 9/11, but in this book we learn that it was really started by Jimmy Carter back in 1979. Ever since then, U.S. presidents, one after the other, have been involved in keeping the war alive. This book shows readers that, while on the surface the war seems like a glorious attempt to curb terrorism, in reality it is fueled by selfish motives and is full of lies, bloodshed, and horror. 

The poems carry a deep sense of compassion for the victims of the war—the innocent citizens. Through these poems, the author critiques the jingoistic tendencies of ‘blue-blooded’ men, who declare wars and let others suffer. The words of the poems are simple, but they effectively capture the sadness, horror, and pain of loss through their cadence. 

The prose section of the book is replete with thorough research that gives readers a fresh perspective into this long-standing war. One of the most striking things is the parallel drawn between Mozart’s unfinished Requiem, and the American invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan—both are covered with lies and manipulations and are collaborative works of many.

Lies of an Indispensable Nation is a thought-provoking collection of poetry that uses incredible research to point a finger at our obsession with war, murder, and invasion in the name of maintaining peace.

Pages: 225 | ASIN: B0B34L8B8N

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America: Standing Strong

Robert J. Emery’s America Standing Strong is a detailed analysis of the latest catastrophes in American politics. Backed up by a plethora of quotes from historical- and present- day visionaries, scholars, and politicians, Emery reviews the political and legal pratfalls of the previous administration while offering brief lessons on America’s accomplishments and shortcomings.

Emery covers such topics as tribalism, conspiracy theories, the environment, gun violence, BLM, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He relates many current events back to historical parallels, but the common theme seems to be that the American people have never been on such a precarious precipice of losing their democracy.

America Standing Strong is not a light read, but it is a useful and necessary lesson and provides readers with a worthy and informed reflection on how and why we, the American people, got here. Emery does a great job of laying down a baseline of American history, including failures and accomplishments. The main focus of the book is on how to recover from the damage done by the Trump administration. To his credit, Emery uses polite language, and the message to the American people throughout the book is a plea for togetherness, forgiveness, and reconciliation. This is a worthy undertaking, as the author presents problems with solutions, that will appeal to anyone that is willing to listen without bias.

America Standing Strong is an enlightening and impactful read and presents compelling evidence that has the potential to change political discourse in the U.S. Whether you pick up this book up to get a better understanding of the contemporary issues America faces or because you want to find new solutions to those problems, this is a book that will surely get people talking.

Pages: 228 | ASIN: B0B2KSLN5D

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