The Autopsy of Planet Earth: Part One & Part Two

The Autopsy of Planet Earth

The Autopsy of Planet Earth: Part One & Part Two by R.J. Eastwood is a dynamic 2-part science fiction series. It has the reader wondering what so many before us have pondered- are we truly alone? There are only two possible answers to this question, and the implications of either are terrifying.

Author R.J. Eastwood explores one of these options and encourages the reader to speculate on the idea of alien contact being made sometime in the near future. The scene is set in a vaguely futuristic Earth that is quite socio-politically parallel to the modern world. We are introduced to a politician named Gabriel Ferro who works as a senior advisor to U.S. President Conrad. Alongside the attractive and intelligent Dr. Catherine Blake, Gabriel suddenly finds himself responsible for transporting an otherworldly being named Legna safely to a rendezvous with the President. The knowledge possessed by a member of an advanced species makes Legna especially sought-after, and our heroes come face-to-face with some chilling information while dodging exposure and trying to ensure the alien’s safety. His meeting with the President is imperative to the survival of the human species, and this responsibility weighs heavily on Legna’s human chaperones. 

Reminiscent of classic science fiction stories combined with the modern cinematic suspense of political thrillers, The Autopsy of Planet Earth is consistently entertaining. Author R.J. Eastwood has incorporated some original ideas that keep this riveting sci-fi story feeling fresh and new. He uses tropes appropriately to push the story forward and develop a feel for the characters without too much backstory.

The pace alternates between exciting twists and surprisingly thoughtful philosophical dialogue. A delightful aspect of Eastwood’s depiction of extraterrestrial beings is the banter between their species and our own. Legna’s personality differs vastly from many examples of alien characters in pop culture. I found it very interesting to see the human characters fight to retain their humanity, even when presented with life-altering information.

The theories presented in the novels, although quite fantastic, are not far from the theories that have been explored by real-life physicists with full sincerity. I really enjoyed how there were moments where I didn’t know where the fiction in the science ended and where real life began.

The Autopsy Of Planet Earth, part one and part two, have a solid cast of intriguing characters that I really enjoyed seeing develop over the two book arc. There were some profound ideas mixed into what could have been a campy science fiction story, but instead the ideas elevate this story and make it much more thought-provoking. With consistent storytelling and an upbeat pace that continues steadily from one novel to the next, readers will be able to easily go from one book to the next without missing a beat. This is a gripping and stimulating science fiction duology that fans of suspenseful alien invasion stories will certainly enjoy.

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