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Guardian: Into the Light of Day, by J L Meredith, is about an alien who takes a human’s body to bring her back to life. In this new body, this alien took on the human’s name, Elizabeth, and energy, but since she isn’t genuinely human, she lives on. Over eight centuries, she has worked to save lives without revealing her identity. This changes when an asteroid is about to hit Earth. Elizabeth stops it, but the explosion sends her crashing back down with meteorites. Caught on video, Elizabeth loses her anonymity. In the turmoil of this and the meteorites, meta-humans emerge, there’s a media frenzy, and one politician seeks to take advantage. Among this, a more significant threat emerges, one that wants to use Elizabeth to destroy Earth.

I enjoyed that it wasn’t just a superhero comic book. While Elizabeth wasn’t truly human, she was relatable. As a doctor, she wanted to keep people safe and save their lives, but she didn’t want to be in the spotlight.

Meredith did a great job of making Elizabeth strong and courageous. But he also gave her a couple of enemies that weren’t easy for her to overcome. However, her heart and willingness to help really brought her to life.

Guardian into the Light of Day, by J L Meredith, provides readers with a great story, a great protagonist, and some nail-biting moments. This action and adventure superhero novel will keep readers engaged from the start and even give them a bit of romance without going over the top.

Pages: 522 | ASIN : B09ML7V944

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Forbidden Horizon

The human race has an ongoing debate about the existence of life elsewhere in the universe. But what if there was life outside of humans, and what if they already knew everything about us? The Xalin are just such a race. Having conquered what they considered to be human beings’ weaknesses for wars and destruction, the Xalin hatch plans to make themselves known to humans on Earth. They wish to show humans that great scientific advancements are possible, if only they could stop making critical mistakes.

Told in three parts, Forbidden Horizon by David Crane is about groups of astronauts and their adventures in outer space. Humans have already created a base on the Moon, and a group of astronauts are enroute to Mars. But when David Blackstone, the leader of the Lune One Moon base, is confronted with an out-of-this-galaxy opportunity, he has no choice but to take it.

Author David Crane’s extensive knowledge of science and space travel really shines in this intellectually-invigorating novel as the ships and methods of space travel are believable for a science fiction novel. The amount of detail about space in this sci-fi story is impressive and, at some points, a little dense. However, Forbidden Horizon draws the reader into the story so much so that you feel like you are standing inside the IMS Daedalus on your way to Mars.

Forbidden Horizon contains fascinating detail about outer space and space travel, making this an intriguing read. I would have liked more action or danger included in the story, but this still feels like a classic science fiction story, much like Isaac Asimov’s novels where the ideas are fascinating all on their own. Fans of hard science fiction will enjoy the attention to detail about space and technology and will surely be engrossed with Forbidden Horizon‘s plot.

Pages: 274 | ASIN: B0BH3HCKG7

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Only Afraid of Nothing

Only Afraid of Nothing by Willem Indigo is a sci-fi adventure that follows Wolfgang, a patient in the psychiatric ward of a hospital, who befriends Zenu, a human-like extraterrestrial. As she gets acquainted with Wolfgang and wins his trust, she needs his help to leave the planet to rescue Zenu’s kidnapped boss. This unexpected journey gives Wolfgang a new adventure, just when he fears his life has no hope, taking strange twists and turns along the way.

As Wolfgang dives further into Zenu’s world of shocking secrets, he is thrown into a quest of epic proportions where he must race against space and time. Both characters quickly become unlikely heroes who must rely on each other. Wolfgang and Zenu become an unusual yet courageous team that aims to save Zenu’s boss from a horrific fate.

I found the book fast-paced, exciting and unique in its writing style and plot development. I enjoyed the flow of the story and how the heroic team took an exciting journey that required bravery and a sense of thrill. It’s a great tale that’s not only fast-paced but fun and light-hearted at times. While I felt the story could have been a bit more suspenseful, the flow was consistent and intriguing to read.

The character development is what really makes this story stand out. Wolfgang, Zenu, and the crew they acquire along their journey are all distinct. Their personalities and quirks come through and keep readers guessing as to what they will say or do next, especially as they keep winding up in trouble. The aliens they battle and deal with are just as creative and entertaining.

Only Afraid of Nothing by Willem Indigo is an original science fiction adventure. The characters and thrilling storyline make for a suspenseful read as they take you through outer space where anything that could go wrong for them does.

Pages: 233 | ASIN : B0BCPP4WYG

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Alien Whispers

Alien Whispers: Conflict and Communion is the long-awaited third installment in the Milijun series by science fiction writer Clayton Graham. It is a century after the events that shook Laura and her son Jason´s world, when aliens appearing out of the blue and abducted them with mysterious intentions.

Laura returns to planet Earth to figure out what happened to her long-lost husband. Backed by her son Jason, now the leader of a longstanding alien organization, she soon realizes that things are not as they once were.

Earth has been taken over by a tyrannical regime—the oppressive Tellurians—with a power-hungry leader seeking world dominion. Humans and their alien allies find themselves oppressed by the current regime with no access to weapons, and their communications closely monitored. In addition, something strange is stirring on the moon where another alien group is actively preparing to take advantage of Earth’s precarious situation. Laura finds herself facing not only the Tellurian Empire but also the aliens preying on humankind from the shadows. Will she overcome these dangerous enemies, or will she succumb to whatever fate they have prepared for Earth and the universe?

Author Clayton Graham’s worldbuilding is absolutely incredible. Set 250 years in the future, the author had to imagine a world with futuristic problems and what it took to get to that point. Surprisingly enough, while intergalactic and alien elements are integrated into our future, many of our present-day issues are still on these characters´ minds. In terms of the writing, this is a steady, fast-paced novel: one event is followed after the other without dwelling on a single situation. This by no means signifies that it’s sloppily written; on the contrary, the author leaves no stone unturned and is incredibly detailed in his descriptions.

The plot is thoroughly engaging, and while it is the third installment in the series, it is a standalone novel, which means that you can read it easily enough without having read the previous books. I would, however, recommend looking through the rest of the series to get a better view of the characters´ growth and history. I highly recommend this book for its great world and storyboarding.

Alien Whispers: Conflict and Communion (Milijun Book 3) is perfect for anyone looking for a thrilling read, but especially for die-hard sci-fi fans who will undoubtedly thoroughly enjoy this hidden gem.

Pages: 466 | ASIN : B0BBLGWS1S

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Milijun – Book Trailer

First Contact is imminent, but it comes with conditions…

Laura and Jason are on vacation when their lives are turned upside down by otherworldly creatures that fall to Earth in the dead of night.

Frightened and bewildered, they become trapped in a dark and mysterious conflict between clandestine Earth forces and the alien wave—and Laura’s world starts to unravel.

But everything may not be as it appears. Could the aliens have an ulterior motive? And do they have a mission for Jason?

The world may not be ready for alien communication, but it may have little choice in the matter.

If you like Close Encounters, Contact, and Arrival, then you’ll love Milijun, the first novel of a gripping new alien interaction series from Clayton Graham.

“Captured my interest from the very beginning, and never once let go.” Jenna – Indie Book Reviewers

“If you love the genre, read this gem.” Julius Zon – Self Publishing Review

“This is a must-read for science fiction fans who appreciate a hard scientific foundation, in the tradition of Asimov, Niven, or Heinlein.” Patrick Dent

Kairn (Mates of the Alliance Book 1)

Daria lives in a warzone ravaged by aliens who aim to build an empire and drain the Earth’s resources while enslaving humans. As a medical doctor, she’s focused on survival and helping treat those affected by the siege without wanting to get romantically involved with anyone. Survival is paramount and helping restore what’s left of the planet to a livable state is the only goal on Daria’s mind.

When allies from another world, in the form of the Galactic Alliance, begin to work alongside humans to rebuild Earth with their advanced technology and abilities, Daria becomes keenly aware of Kairn, one of the impressive and skilled aliens, the Luperans, and a member of the Alliance. As Daria focuses on doing her part to make Earth a better place, Kairn becomes an easy distraction, stirring feelings and emotions that she has not experienced in a long time. The connection between these two captivating characters is one of the most unique and intriguing relationships I’ve seen in a science fiction novel in a long time. Author Fionne Foxxe Farraday takes their emotions seriously and the result is a compelling compelling drama that was hard for me to put down.

In a vivid dystopian world, with a looming sense of dread and despair among the people, Daria begins to develop a sense of hope for the future while falling in love with the alluring Kairn. As the planet grapples with the aftermath of a major alien attack, Daria and others must learn to trust the Luperans. As Daria adapts to this new reality and works to rebuild and help others heal, she becomes quickly drawn into Kairn’s world, where she finds many similarities despite their physical differences. I really enjoyed the methodical way this detailed world is laid out for the reader.

The author beautifully narrates a story of an unlikely romance and develops a deeper understanding and trust between individuals from other worlds. It’s a great story that explores hope and love on a planet that is devasted by evil and terror. Kairn and Daria’s romance transcends the horror of this intergalactic war, and their intense connection creates a page-turning read.

Kairn: Mates of the Alliance by Fionne Foxxe Farraday is a refreshing science fiction drama that tells an enthralling story of a blooming romance in a devasted world. This sci-fi book is a wonderful read that engages the reader with wonderfully descriptive narration and an intense and exciting romance.

Pages: 223 | ASIN: B0B16GPS33

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“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”

Travis Stecher Author Interview

Dilation: A 10,000-Year Sci-Fi Epic follows two people from the 21st-century who go forward in time to help stop the extermination of mankind by aliens. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

In late 2015, when the LIGO center recorded evidence of gravitational waves, I became obsessed with the mechanics of time dilation. It was well-documented science that seemed impossibly farfetched, and I spent a lot of time doing calculations that informed questions along the lines of, “what’s to stop this from happening, then?” I got super into Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, several months later I decided to binge-watch it while extremely intoxicated. My mind kept drifting to this notion that it’s entirely possible for people from different times to all meet at the same point in the future, and at one juncture my brain added, “like to stop an alien invasion!” and the flood gates opened.

Did you create an outline for the characters in the story before you started writing or did the characters’ personalities grow organically as you were writing?

A little of column A and a little of column B. It took me two years to start writing, so I did a lot of character prep during that time. Even secondary characters whose backstories aren’t included have, birth years, careers, ship names, accolades, and more. It helped solidify who each character was in my mind, guiding their actions and responses. At the same time, a lot of the story was written organically, which led to some characters becoming much more than intended, and others having their personalities shifted. For the most part, though, those organic changes were still guided by their existing outlines.

What kind of research did you do for this novel to ensure you stayed true to the hard science fiction genre standards?

To be honest, I still feel like I dropped the ball with this. It was almost entirely online, and I grew up in the era where every paper you wrote in school had to be cited with only physical book sources. My life was in constant chaos for a lot of the planning and the rest was during the pandemic, so I intend to lean heavily on physical sources for future books, though none will likely be as hard as Dilation. It is important to me that I get my information correct, which is a philosophy I take from Twain. “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” I researched everything from the breeds of trees in Chattahoochee to quantum entanglement, developing box jellyfish antivenom to language death. I didn’t have any time to travel, so I creeped on every real towns via Google Maps street view. The Arvonia facility is a real test facility, the summer course at Duke is a real biology course…I even charted out travel times between planets for the third act, basing the entire course of events on it. That particular effort was moot, though, and it bothers me to this day that—to the best of our knowledge—the planets’ locations are off.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Like most debut authors, I’ve been primarily job hunting since Dilation‘s release, so I’m only now getting ready to write again. I have a few books ready to go, but I’m fairly sure the next one will be a dark, dystopian, sci-fi that takes place at the end of the universe—after the stars have all died out. It’ll have a hard conceptual foundation, but ultimately be less scientific, simpler in structure, shorter, and with far fewer characters, so I’m still hoping to get it done this year.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

The human race is doomed for extermination…
But not for another ten thousand years. When the first aliens to visit Earth meet an untimely demise, humanity finds itself marked for eradication by the technologically-advanced beings. In an effort to aid our future defense, Earth’s greatest warriors are groomed throughout the millennia and sent into space at relativistic speeds, exploiting the principles of time dilation to reconvene together for the pending invasion.
Combining elements of hard science fiction with action and suspense, Dilation is a smart, gripping sci-fi thriller that tells its unique story from both ends of the timeline. When biology professor Denise Walker has her expertise cryptically requested by the U.S. Department of Defense, her career takes a drastic shift towards the unraveling of extraterrestrial secrets. In the 126th century, renowned fighter pilot Nadia Raynor arrives only to discover her skills have been rendered useless by fleets of automated crafts. Searching for her place in the era’s military, she crosses paths with historic figures like Isaac Fowler: the DIA agent notorious for causing the impending genocide.

See the events unfold across the ages for all three characters as humankind struggles to survive long enough to face its potential annihilation. From first contact to invasion, Dilation’s captivating saga will keep you turning pages until the very last!

Warning: contains strong language and depictions of gore.

Fall of Titan

H. G. Ahedi’s novel Fall of Titan is the beginning of a sci-fi epic mostly taking place within range of the perimeter, a shield built by the spacefaring humans near Saturn to protect Earth. Constructed after, a comet named Nemesis impacts Earth and decimates the population.

The perimeter is the location where humanity makes violent first contact with an alien species dubbed the Orias. However, this becomes a much-needed shield when the humans realize the extent and power of the Orias fleet.

The space station Titan watches over the perimeter, and while the command crew faces the political ramifications caused by the appearance of the Orias, Emmeline, a young astrophysicist, strikes out with her friend, Delta, to unlock the secrets of a mysterious plaque handed down through generations in her family.

Author Ahedi immediately thrusts the reader into the action, instantly capturing the reader’s attention. Even though the book starts off with a bang, I felt it was hard to follow all of the characters’ names that the reader is introduced to within the first few pages. However, once past the opening chapter or two, the book’s pace does slow down and becomes a smoother read.

The author has created a compelling plot filled with tension as we follow Emmeline’s quest to unlock the plaque’s mysteries. This quest forms the centerpiece of the novel. The author seamlessly transitions from different character perspectives during the events on Titan station, allowing the reader to understand the emotions and thoughts of each character. Some you will be rooting for, and others not so much. H.G. Ahedi manages to fit a lot into only a few hundred pages, and all of it drives the plot forwards to its culmination in an explosive ending that does leave you wanting to know what happens next.

Fall of Titan is an epic science fiction novel with paranormal fantasy elements that keep readers on edge. This first contact series takes off with a compelling mystery taking the protagonist and readers on an adventure with lots of action as different races battle for dominance in the galaxy.

Pages: 295 | ASIN : B085BPMPWN

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