Barclay & Berk Builders: A Parable

Barclay & Berk Builders: A Parable has been retold in this spiritually enriching children’s book by Beverley Rayner and illustrator James Hensman. This thoughtful kids book tells the story of two builders that can build everything, from sandboxes to jungle gyms, with skill and ease. The builders Barclay and Berk decide one spring to build their dream homes. Barclay is excited and races into the project, Berk takes his time and thinks out each step. Along the way both builders take pride in what they have accomplished, while Barclay is more excited about showing off all the amazing aspects of his home, Berk is more concerned with making a strong foundation that will last. Both finish their homes in time for the winter storms, but both homes are not prepared for what is to come. This educational story is based off of the one that Jesus tells in Matthew chapter seven.

This classic Bible story is retold in simple language that young elementary age children will easily be able to understand. Beverley Rayner has experience with children and teaching and uses her knowledge to make this parable entertaining while also ensuring that it is easily understood by children so that they grasp the message and remember it.

The light-hearted story, together with playful art, bring this parable to a level kids will understand and follow with ease. This picture book is illustrated with whimsical artwork that children will find appealing. Illustrator James Hensman has a unique style, with bright colors and imaginative drawings, that will appeal to children. Each page is a work of art in itself and conveys the message of the story for those children that are too young to read the words.

Barclay & Berk Builders: A Parable is an exceptional children’s book that parents and teachers will find to be a great addition to their library. I thought this was a charming picture book that teaches the word of God to young children. This delightful picture book takes the parable of the two builders down to a level that children will understand and love.

Pages: 36 | ASIN: B09JSXZBTT

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