100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions

100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions: Top Content Creators Help You Succeed in an Era of Rapid Change is the book you need if you are keen with technology and digital trends. Author Ross Brand has written an enlightening book that will help you grow your business, understand new markets and get you to have a huge following on social media. The author uses examples from 100 top content creators that have had a huge impact in the online community. Some of the big names that the author featured in the book include Ja Rule, Rob Greenlee, Bee Smith, Terry Johnsons, Tom Sohn, Claudia Santiago, Jessika Philips, Winnie Sun, Phil Kluba, Steven Greene, Kimberly Flowers and Amy Woods. Each of the individuals listed in the book have a unique story that content creators can gain inspiration from.

What readers will love about this informative book is that the author talks about real stories. In his book, Ross Brand uses facts and statistics to argue his points. As a reader, you get to follow and enjoy the content in the book easily. Reading 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions will make you appreciate the changing digital trends and the internet age. Ross Brand will help you get into social media and enable you to understand what you need to do to build a name for yourself and your brand.

100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions is written using a straightforward but informed language. The author introduces new terminologies to readers and smoothly explains the internet and marketing jargon to the satisfaction of the reader. Are you new in podcasts? Blogging? Vlogging? Or general content creation online? Ross Brand is here to help you navigate the web and help you pass your message online. Readers will find the stories from top content creators inciteful and honest. One of the major take aways from this book, and from the content creators tales, is that it takes hard work and patience to grow numbers. Consistency is also a key factor in growing a brand and building a loyal following online.

While reading this book, you get to appreciate content creators with every new chapter. The discussions in the book are raw and authentic. Marketing not only requires skills but also the human touch. Consumers need to feel like they can relate with your story. Reading this book gives one the impression of being in a branding and marketing class. The clear-cut language used, and friendly tone are some of the best features in Ross Brand’s writing.

100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions: Top Content Creators Help You Succeed in an Era of Rapid Change is ideal for those getting started in the digital media realm or those that have been around a wile and are trying to boost their numbers.

Pages: 356 | ASIN : B09BBQHV4R

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