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If I Only Knew: Life Skills Not Taught In School

If I Only Knew: Life Skills Not Taught In School is the kind of book you need as you lead your everyday life. Bailee Walker covers everything you need to know as an adult. The book is about the lessons that were not taught in the classroom. Reading this book will make you realize that life is not just in black and white. You get to understand why some things work while others do not. Bailee Walker takes you through the reality of life, making you realize that you might have been living in a fantasy world. I like how the author is brutal with the truth, but also gentle when offering solutions to life’s problems.

While reading this book, you get the sense of what the author is talking about without much struggle. You get to learn that the universe knows how to balance things and that everyone’s destiny is mostly determined by the path they take. This book has lessons on technology and computer literacy, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, decision making skills, basic human interaction, politics, the justice system, education, social media and everything else. Reading this enlightening book is similar to learning about a dozen subjects in one class. The subjects’ covered are in the hundreds, but they are all smartly organized. Bailee Walker divided the book into three sections, with each section having particular subjects for discussions.

I enjoyed reading this informative guide mostly because of how the topics were arranged. Bailee Walker included news pieces and stories in the book. The news that is covered is eerie, disturbing and interesting. Having the news items gives one the impression of following a story that has a life lesson at the end. Bailee Walker’s stories are easy to read because they are brief and well summarized. The author went above and beyond to look for tales that will make readers reflect on what society has become, and how the masses react to issues. This book is excellent reference material for people that are looking for inspiration as they face daily challenges in life.

I recommend If I Only Knew: Life Skills Not Taught In School to readers for straight to the point advice that’s given in simple language so that it is easily understood. The author used real life stories that people can connect with. Bailee Walker provides practical and actionable tips that will help readers navigate the muddy waters of life.

Pages: 931 | ASIN: B09LNH61J6

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I Believe in Giving Hard Truths

David Poh Huat Soh Author Interview

Nature’s Gift of the Soursop Leaves is a short reference guide explaining what the soursop plant is, and what its uses are. Was writing this book therapeutic for you?

Writing this book is a challenge to me as
a. it is the first book to be written in the world
b. have to consider how reader will feel

It gives me more motivation and prompted me to write my second book two months later

Has writing and publishing a book changed the way you see yourself?

Yes, it makes me more committed to talk to people and help them.

Who has been the biggest supporter of your writing?

My wife and my late sister as she was a firm believer of the leaves. Sad that her caregiver failed to prepare.

Would you share something about yourself that your readers don’t know?

I am still doing financial but because of COVID I guess I was called to write the book.

I am very passionate in my writing as I believe in giving hard truths and experience.

Author Links: Website

The author writes from his heart based on real life experience which he wants to reach out to help people.

Nature Gifts of the Soursop Leaves

Nature’s Gift of the Soursop Leaves (Graviola Leaves) is a short testimony and a tribute. The author, David Soh Poh Huat, lost his sister Susan Soh Sung Choo to cancer in 2020. The informative book is meant to support all those suffering from cancer. The author lists out the benefits of consuming Soursop Leaves that are said to cure cancer and many other life-threatening chronic diseases. This flower and fruit-bearing plant is native to the tropics of America and the Caribbean and is consumed worldwide for its healing properties.

David Soh Poh Huat has written this enlightening book to spread awareness about the soursop leaves. It talks about preparing the soursop leaves, then moves on to the quality of soursop leaves that one should consume and where to buy them from. It further covers a list of benefits and finally moves on to various opinions, reviews and facts both supporting and opposing the use of soursop leaves. The author writes in a straightforward and concise manner, accompanied by visuals wherever necessary, which makes following the recipe a breeze. It is meant as an expert source to help readers understand how to source and consume soursop leaves and the potential side effects.

This informative book serves as an introduction to soursop leaves and their possible uses. Throughout the book, the author cautions the reader to talk with their doctors before they consume anything with this plant. Readers who want to know more about this interesting plant and its healing properties against cancer, side effects of chemotherapy, and several other chronic diseases should definitely pick this one up. The author cautions the readers to read up on the benefits, and side effects of soursop leave further as this isn’t a medically proven text, rather the author’s individual and learned experience.

Nature’s Gift of the Soursop Leaves is a nice introduction to the soursop plant and its potential uses. It is not a detailed reference book but does provide research information to get readers started on knowing more about this amazing plant. This would be a great resource for those that enjoy learning about different plants.

Pages: 37 | ASIN : B09BHKWX6F

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Plant Folklore

Plant Folklore is a collection of 120 stories that take the reader on a stroll through wild plants found in the hills of Appalachia. Each of these stories covers ancient myths, truths, and the history behind the origin & name of the plant.

Three sections are included in the book, the first being Spring Wildflowers, which includes a list, illustrations, and information about various flower species, with the descriptions of the multiple uses they served to early settlers in America. In addition to identifying each plant by its Latin name, the common names of the plants are also listed to dispel any uncertainty. Additionally, along with enhancing the interest of nature lovers, the pictures of flora and fauna in the book help distinguish between the different species while also clarifying the descriptions.

The second section focuses specifically on the wildflowers found in summers, which will particularly interest plant enthusiasts. In this section, you can find suggestions on precautions to take when planting flowers at home. There are 41 flowers listed here, including one native to America and one brought over by immigrants. It also mentions interesting myths and medicinal uses and warns of the toxicity of plants historically used in America in the early days. In the final section of the book, which addresses shrubs, trees, and bushes more commonly seen, the author reveals the shocking poisonous plants endemic to most people’s diets.

Throughout his book, author Connie Taylor’s knowledge of wild species is woven with folktales, cautions, origins, and blooming periods of flora and fauna. While Plant Folklore covers the fascinating wild plant species found in hills and forests, it also underscores the necessity of protecting them down the road.

As written in the introduction, the author of the book does not intend this book to become a guide to plant medicine. Instead, the author has causally related his knowledge of numerous plants, many of which were part of his childhood memories. A significant focus of the book is on conveying, in an engaging manner, the role that plants played during the early days in America. In addition to explaining the various beneficial medicinal uses of the native species, traded off with modern synthetics, there is a subtle admonition for modern men to disregard most of the native species as non-beneficial weeds.

Plant Folklore is a fascinating book that spreads across several genres. It is perfect for nature enthusiasts and anyone curious about different plants and stories associated with them.

Pages: 240 | ASIN : B07H6538QQ

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Pages and Leaflets of North Oxfordshire

Pages and Leaflets of North Oxfordshire: My Lineage Pre 1700-1959 by Angela Fortnum is a book on family lineage and history. Fortnum was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Throughout her life, she has taken up several roles. After completing her schooling, she worked in a bank, took early retirement, and did a health and social care course. However, it wasn’t until her mother’s death that her interest in genealogy was rekindled that ultimately led her to write the book that explores her ancestry, going back to her seventh maternal great grandfather (GGF) and finally concludes with her mother and herself.

Fortnums exploration started off as a simple curiosity about her history; it was only when she started with her research that she realized that there was a story to tell and decided to publish the book as we see it today for the interest of the family historians. The book explores the gradual transition over eight generations from agricultural laborers to self-employed to smallholders and a change in religious beliefs, which stays an essential theme throughout the book. Fortnum’s ancestors have worked in various occupations, been affiliated with different churches, and passed on numerous possessions down the family line, the original account of which has been provided wherever possible in the text.

The text is supplemented by original and unabridged documents. It also provides photos of the churches and directions for those curious and who wish to dive deeper into the local history. I would have liked to have seen topics of general interest or more details about the historical events from the ancestors’ perspective and the impact on their general routine. This insightful book is a fascinating family account filled with photos and historical documents.

Pages and Leaflets of North Oxfordshire: My Lineage Pre 1700-1959 would benefit those doing an in-depth academic pursuit of genealogy. It provides readers with examples of how to put together a family genealogy history and examples of what documents to look for.

Pages: 53 | ASIN : B07HMTFL3M

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Using Japanese Paper for Digital Printing of Photographs

You may never understand the beauty of photography until you read Using Japanese Paper for Digital Printing of Photographs by Carl-Evert Jonsson. Carl-Evert Jonsson writes extensively on photography, focusing on Japanese paper for the digital printing of photographs. The author is intentional in his explanations and describes every detail for those not familiar with Washi.

The images in Carl-Evert Jonsson’s book tell a compelling story. The pictures are stunning, distinct, and aesthetically pleasing. The photos are classed into four groups; Places, Persons, Varia, and Mixed. Each of these categories tells a unique story that the reader connects with. I loved going through the images under Persons as one can see the different features in humans and how individual people are. Images of places are striking because of the locations the author drew his inspiration from. Varia and Mixed pictures are also eye-catching and impactful.

One of the best things about this book is that the author uses few words in the description and leaves the reader to form an opinion on the images without being influenced. Under the Mixed category, the image displaying the Notre Dame de Paris and the Vehicle. Brown ochre, primary blue was my favorite. Varia had a lot of impressive figures, but the image displayed Egg oil x1. Underneath: yellow ochre subjects were my best. The sense of illusion when one looks at the picture is satisfying. It feels authentic for a minute, then one feels a certain sense of imagination the next minute.

Carl-Evert Jonsson shares a personal touch throughout the book. Anyone reading this book will appreciate the author more as they keep flipping the pages. I loved reading the preface as the author gives a little background information about himself and the book. Carl-Evert Jonsson’s story is fascinating and increases one’s interest in photography. The author also enlightens the reader on techniques for digitally printing photographs on Japanese paper in the introduction. The short text was helpful, especially to readers that may not have been familiar with different photography techniques. The modest way of expounding on concepts and creativity displayed by the author is inspiring enough for one to delve into photography and related subjects.

Using Japanese Paper for Digital Printing of Photographs is a captivating book that photography students, lovers of nature, and individuals who fancy capturing objects and printing them will love. Any photography enthusiast will appreciate this work, especially the content under Places and Persons. Every image under this category was unique in its own way.

Pages: 54 | ASIN : B0998MKMTD

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Coaching Like a Champion

Coaching Like a Champion: Eight Essential Building Blocks for Taking Any Sports Program to the Next Level is the ideal book for you if you are a coach or a trainer. The author gives a step-by-step guide on coaching like a pro and getting your players to reach their targets swiftly. In his book, Steve Miller gives direction, advises coaches, and uses real-life situations to expound on various topics. The author uses a warm and modest tone when talking about coaching. One can feel the enthusiasm Steve Miller has through his writing, and that he has vast knowledge on this subject.

In his book, Steve Miller wrote eight chapters, each focusing on elements that center on being the perfect coach. He discusses critical topics such as: communication, humility, accountability, mental toughness, passion, integrity, overcoming adversity, and never settling. One of the most vital subjects in the book is on communication, Steve Miller writes in-depth on how communication can either build or destroy a team. How coaches and players express themselves or exchange ideas is critical. The conversations in the locker room, pitch, or outside can determine the strength of a team. I found the author to be insightful, refreshing, and objective. The topic of communication is helpful not only to coaches but also to players.

Each of the chapters in the book has something that will enlighten the reader. How the author talks about experiences in the field and what he has observed over the years tell one that a lot of coaches need to have to be good in their craft. The topic of Mental Toughness was another favorite. While reading this chapter, I realized that it takes more than just physical strength to be a rated, first-rate player. The author has words of wisdom for coaches and gently lays down ways a coach can improve the player’s mental toughness while in practice. The author advises that coaches have a practical game plan. He also writes that by boosting players’ mental toughness, they can better their confidence, focus, composure, and performance.

By the end of the reading, the reader is well-versed in coaching and the crucial skills one needs to have as a coach. I loved most about the author’s ability to relate to what he was discussing. You do not need to be a coach to enjoy this book.

Coaching Like a Champion: Eight Essential Building Blocks for Taking Any Sports Program to the Next Level can help you advance your expertise in whatever field you are in. Self-Help and sports enthusiasts will equally find this book beneficial.

Pages: 70 | ASIN : B07MBFM19W

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Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Ricardo B Serrano Author Interview

Six healing Qigong sounds details the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to use them for healing and total body wellness. What was the inspiration for writing this book?

As a Traditional Chinese medical practitioner and Qigong teacher, from my observation with my clients and myself, the six healing Qigong sounds with mantras work to unblock and strengthen the Qi flow in the Shen Qi Jing channels and the organs in the body. Sickness in the body, mind, and spirit is caused by Qi blockages in the meridians, and health or homeostasis is restored when Qigong sounds and mantras with movements are done properly as explained in the book.

What is a common hurdle people face when learning about healing Qigong sounds?

How you pronounce the sounds and mantras is the main problem together with feeling the Qi flow in the main channels and meridians. Feeling with your heart the sounds and mantras will help tremendously.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about Qigong sounds?

The common misconception is that learning Qigong sounds is hard which is not true. With consistent practice and understanding the techniques will heal most sickness. There is a saying how you feel is how you heal. When you feel relaxed, happy, and revitalized with Qigong sounds and mantras you will surely cultivate your self-healing, revitalized energy, and peace of mind.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I don’t have any plans yet in starting another book as of now since I have covered other health-related Chinese Medicine and Qigong healing topics in my seven books: Meditation and Qigong Mastery, Return to Oneness with the Tao, Return to Oneness with Spirit, Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery, Return to Oneness with Shiva, Oneness with Shiva and The Cure and Cause of Cancer.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

The theoretical basis of Six healing Qigong sounds (Liu Zi Jue) is the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (metal, wood, water, fire and earth), and Five Solid Viscera (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys).

The Six healing Qigong sounds gently vibrate, and massage our internal organs, boost our immune system, clear stagnation and stale energy from our body, harmonize our emotions, balance our body and spirit creating a state of inner peace and radiant energy.

The sound Xu tonify Liver energy, Hoo replenish Spleen energy, Her nourish Heart energy, Si nourish Lung energy, Chui tonify the Kidney energy, and Xi revitalize San Jiao energy (the Traditional Chinese Medicine term for the hollow space inside the trunk of your body) that altogether cultivate the Three Treasures Jing, Qi and Shen and strengthen the Wei Qi field.

The Qigong forms with six healing sounds are illustrated in the book for your healing and spiritual awakening.

Ricardo B Serrano, Dipl.Ac., author of Six healing Qigong sounds, is a Wing Chun Qigong teacher and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner since 1980 in British Columbia, Canada. He has written seven books: Meditation and Qigong Mastery, Return to Oneness with the Tao, Return to Oneness with Spirit, Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery, Return to Oneness with Shiva, Oneness with Shiva, and The Cure & Cause of Cancer.
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