Daisha Gets the “I” in KIND

Daisha is asked to wait inside one day during recess and she doesn’t know why. The teacher Mrs. Perez then presents her with a four-foot-tall “I” from KIND. This award goes to a student that has shown many of the character traits of kindness. Daisha has helped students with the meal trays, returned lost money, and made sure to always include classmates in activities. When thinking about all the things she has done to earn the “I” she realizes her entire family shows kindness all the time.

Author Suzan Johnson has written a fantastic picture book with illustrations by Marcos Rodrigues. Daisha Gets the “I” in KIND is filled with many ideas on how to show kindness each and every day. This is an amazing book to introduce the concept of kindness to preschoolers and kindergarteners that might not understand what kindness is. Younger kids need a visual to understand the link between saying ‘be kind’ and showing them what kindness looks like.

This heartwarming story shows that children can learn kindness from those around them. Daisha’s whole family helps people in the neighborhood and community. So, helping her classmates at school just comes naturally to her, that is why she didn’t understand how she had won the award. It shows children that you don’t have to do big things to be kind, that even the little things you do matter.

At the end of this touching story the author includes some activities like a coloring page, discussion questions, and an Acrostic Poem template. These things will help teachers turn this story into a full lesson.

Daisha Gets the “I” in KIND is an exceptional children’s book that grasps the attention of young readers. The artwork in this picture book will delight kids and give them a visual of what kindness looks like at their age.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B09JN4N3M2

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