Muddied Waters: Coda

Theo Clarkson continues the story of murder, mayhem and piracy in his sequel Muddied Waters: Coda. Years later, when all is said and done the once renowned captain of the Liberty, Jackson Teague, is now old and grey. After he landed within the domain of Spain in Panama, the country kindly pardoned him. Spain’s pardon has left him alive thus far, but he no longer lives. The only thing keeping what little spirit he has left alive is his stolen treasure he has squirreled away for safety.

Alger has reunited with his father, and in their last years together, have made peace. Now, Alger runs his father’s shipping company in vain. Mutual hate between him and the other merchants is palpable, and a predictable outcome approaches as Alger starts settling his affairs and sails off to the New World.

Chelsea Redding is a well-off prostitute, gaining as much power as a woman from nothing can get in the 1790s. She and her lover, Jonathan, argue regularly about marriage. Mistral Jonathan does not make enough money to support a family, if he’s being honest with himself, Chelsea supports him. And Chelsea cannot give up her work if she wants to eat well and have a roof over her head.

Kingston’s shark-infested waters are home to a band of pirates looking to make a living from others’ wealth. Rafael is a convincing weasel who lures Chelsea and Jonathan away from their tragic life and into a boiling pot of trouble.

I found Clarkson’s sequel to be even more enticing than his last. I’m really happy to see that the author has toned down the pirate accents, the dialogue is far clearer and more understandable now. The transformation that Chelsea goes through in becoming a pirate is fascinating, her accent grows thicker, and her speech becomes more pirate-like, as well as a more confident and robust woman. It was like she became comfortable in her own skin after the transition.

While I enjoyed this thrilling book immensely, there were times when the story gets confusing. For example, at one point Teague is describing the cross’ centerpiece and then we jump to someone sobbing uncontrollably, and then Teague is holding the opal. Also, there was a point where Clarkson is leading up to the crescendo of the story and starts switching between character storylines as they become entwined. I feel that with so much action going on readers could get confused.

The author’s writing takes a slow burn approach to each chapter, leading the reader into the situations slowly before hitting them with all the action and excitement. Readers will find this style an emotional roller-coaster that keeps them engaged and on edge till the end.

Muddied Waters: Coda is a riveting action and adventure novel that will captivate readers who love historical fiction and pirate adventures.

Pages: 178 : ASIN : B09PLLG1SK

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