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Raj Sundarason Author Interview

The DAP Strategy is primarily about the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), and how one can capitalize on the digitization industry. Why was this an important book for you to write?

There were two aspects that I was concerned with.

First, most customers I spoke with were challenged in demonstrating the value they had realised from the multi-million-dollar investments they had (were making) made. They had focused on defining the problem they wanted to solve (what) and the reason for solving it (why) but very few if any were as focused on how they were going to realise the benefits (how). To give you a sense of the magnitude of the challenge, some analyst reports suggest that over $1 trillion will be spent on new software and an additional $3 trillion on implementation services only for +75% of programs to fail to deliver on the value (Gartner).

Second, with each interaction with the employees of my clients, I could see that the complexity of work had become a massive weight in their shoulders. With each passing transformation initiative came an added burden; one that did not help them achieve their professional nor personal goals. You could see the joy of work rapidly diminishing. The complexity was sucking the joy out of work for them and as a result having an impact personally.

When you marry the two together you begin to understand the challenge both employer and employee are having in the workforce, and this can go some way to explain the radical shift in the workforce that we see today globally. This is such a big topic that in the book, I make a bold prediction that by 2025, digital employee experience will be a top-5 criteria for employees in their decision-making process on whether to join an organization. Employers who do not have a response to digital adoption will struggle to attract the right talent because talent will not be willing to deal with the complexity of work.

What has been one of your greatest successes implementing the DAP Strategy to your own organizations?

The smiles on the faces of the users. Instead of reluctance to use the new software, seeing users wanted to use the technology and being able to use it without impediment makes the effort and investment worthwhile. We talk about productivity a lot but being able to alleviate pressure from the workforce is a major challenge and each time we are able to do this we create a natural attrition barrier whilst helping employees take an additional step towards their personal and professional goals.

What is one of the biggest challenges an organization faces when trying to implement digital transformation?

The biggest challenge is the original business case. Typically, this doesn’t see the light of day and it is almost impossible to build out value realisation metrics without understanding the financial and operational levers that were set in the original business case. Once the extended team understands this then understanding what success looks like will help the team build out underlying digital adoption content and metrics that can be tied back to the business case.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

This is still in stealth mode. You will need to buy The DAP Strategy for clues to what the next instalment may look like.

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Are you staking your organization’s reputation and success on technologies and systems that actually weaken its ability to thrive?
As teams struggle to out-perform, new software offers opportunities to improve business outcomes. Yet millions of dollars and hours of productivity are wasted each year as companies fail to manage change in a cloud technology-led world.
The problem isn’t the people or software—it’s a lack of confidence and knowledge. Enable new ways of working to de-risk and accelerate the potential value from your digital transformation initiatives with Digital Adoption Platforms.
In The DAP Strategy, Raj Sundarason, chief evangelist for the world’s premier DAP provider, shares practical insights to empower leadership teams and employees to master digital tools. Strategic yet nontechnical, this is your guide to accelerating capability and unlocking the potential of digital transformation programs for your organization.
You’ll discover:
The power of DAPs to help your “baby users” confidently navigate new digital tools, completing processes faster and more accurately.
How to unlock cashable benefits by leveraging existing system data to fix process friction points that impact your P&L.
Positive benefits of DAPs on employee workflow, work culture, and customer relationship management.
A framework to assess the value and economic impact of DAP content on business objectives.
What your organization must do to ensure successful digital transformations for the competitive advantage you need-because DAPs aren’t enough.
Transform your organization from the inside out! Get The DAP Strategy now to leverage the Power of How and start your company on the path to a successful, DAP-driven future.

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